Are Gaming laptops Good for Video Editing?

If you want a laptop for both video editing and gaming, you’re probably wondering if you’ll require two. You would like one rather than two. But, if you already own a gaming laptop, could you use it to modify your videos?

If you want a laptop for both video editing and gaming, you’re probably wondering if you’ll need two. You would like one rather than two. But, if you already own a gaming laptop, could you use it to modify your videos?

Minimal editing apps can be run on a gaming laptop if it satisfies all of the video editing requirements. Gaming laptops fall short in terms of processor activity when it comes to technical editing needs. You may simply utilize a video editing laptop for video games if you have one. You’ll be pleased if the gaming laptop does the work for you.

Is it possible to edit videos on a gaming laptop?

Both video editing and gaming require a lot of resources. For instance, certain videogames, typically Nvidia’s high-end AAA titles, include visual enhancements such as RTX-powered HDR, which might strain your laptop.

On the other hand, video editing entails a slew of various jobs that occur simultaneously. It can place a lot of strain on the laptop’s numerous components, particularly the CPU.

If you split your time evenly, you should be cautious when choosing a laptop. After all, if one activity would be enough to put a computer or laptop to the test, evaluate the implications of two. Well, there are plenty of incredible gaming laptop under 600 that can handle the video editing apps easily. But, if you plan on doing more gaming than video editing, a gaming laptop is the way to go. A video editing laptop is the best option if you want to do more editing than gaming.

Important features before choosing between two


A gaming laptop that is suited for video editing must have a multi-core CPU, preferably a quad-core. To guarantee that the processor can handle video editing jobs quickly, hyperthreading is strongly recommended.


When gaming or editing videos, you will frequently use all of your RAM. When this happens, the storage component comes into play, since it supplements the system memory. SSD storage, ideally PCIe, will ease video editing and make it easier to quickly start, stop, or alter a game.


In terms of memory, a gaming laptop devoted just to gaming requires 16 GB of RAM. In the vast majority of circumstances, this will also function perfectly with video editing. However, if you wish to edit many films on the go, 32 GB or more is recommended. It will guarantee that you handle several films in a reasonable amount of time, which is beneficial to both professionals and businesses.


What GPU you choose is determined by the way you want to use the laptop. A powerful GPU is sufficient if you simply need to conduct rudimentary editing while playing standard games.

However, if you want more from your laptop, you might think about getting a dedicated GPU.

Recommended laptops for editing and gaming

Aero 17

Aero 17 is one of the top-class laptops when it comes to gaming and video editing both simultaneously.

  1. This gaming laptop features a 17-inch HD Display with exceptional color fidelity.
  2. The 6-core i7-10750H CPU and RTX 2060 graphics should be more than capable of running any game at maximum settings while also allowing for video editing.
  3. It also has 16GB of RAM, which should be plenty to run your preferred editing program.
  4. The laptop is quite light, weighing only about 2.5 kg, making it a great portable gaming and video device.
  5. The sole disadvantage of this device is that the display only supports 1080p resolution.

Razer blade 15

  1. The Razer Blade 15 has a 15-inch 4K OLED screen.
  2. This variant additionally has a 6-core Intel 10th generation i7-10750H CPU and a more efficient RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU. It will be enough to play AAA games at their highest settings.
  3. The laptop has 16GB of RAM installed. If you need additional power, you may update the RAM and storage.


According to the explanation above, a gaming laptop may be used to conduct minimal video editing. Surprisingly, a normal laptop can handle video editing as long as visual effects aren’t used. However, it is unusual to work in the editing sector without possessing the same.

If you have a gaming machine, you can be certain that it will serve as long as it fits all of the minimal video editing criteria.

If you’re getting a new one, consider getting one that’s specifically for video editing. There’s no necessity to acquire two devices if you want to conduct gaming and video editing concurrently and well.

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