AOIME test and its explanation and 7 ways to prepare for it

There are series of competitions which are used to determine that which students are capable for mathematical Olympiad (IMO). It has four stages AMC, AOIME, USAMO, and then OPI.  The IMP team consists of six members and it is formed since 1994 and is the only team to achieve perfect scores also known as “Dream team”. The test is held by university, schools or other educational institutes for 10th AMC top 2.5 students are selected for AOIME test and for 12th AMC only 5% qualify for AOIME test. It means 115+ marks out of 150 for the 10th AMC and 100+ marks for 12th AMC.

What Is AOIME and what does it stands for?

The American mathematics competition (AMC) has partnered up with art of problem solving (AoPS) and they both support and give rise to American online Invitational mathematical exam (AOIME). These exams are held on the month of June. The problem used in this online competition will be selected from AMI II test. This test is happened every year in USA. These organization actually seek the students who have excellent and great talent in mathematics and after taking tests they provide them opportunities and facilities to fulfill their dreams.

What is the Paper format of AOIME?

The test contains 15 highly critical and difficult questions and the answers could be the digits or integer between 0 to 999 and single question has one mark there is no negative marking which means if your answer is wrong you will get 0 marks not -1. The test includes questions from these topics: geometry, trigonometry, elementary algebra combinatronics, and number theory. Many of these concepts are not cleared and taught in schools so the participants have to prepare them by themselves and some of them are taught in their schools.

Rules and regulations for the test

  • You are not allowed to take calculators and other electronics devices examination hall
  • All you can take with yourself is eraser, blank graph paper, ruler campuses, scratch paper, pencil and pens.
  • You’re not allowed to speak, talk, or discuss in examination hall.
  • The answers are entered into OMR sheets as same as grid in math questions are written and solved in SAT
  •  Leading zeros should be and must be added or gridded in the answers. For example If the answer are 8 and 39 then it should be written as 008 and 034
  • For AIME test there are two days when it is held and taken. One is maim day and other is an alternate day and the student is allowed to attend only single test per year
  • It should be solved in three years

What is AIME test?

AIME is American Invitational mathematics there are two different sorts of tests which are AIME I and AIME II. United States mathematical Olympiad uses two tests to qualify for USAMO test one is AMC another is AIME.

How to do preparation for AOIME test

People prepare for the test in several ways and even many ways are introduced to make it easier for the students to prepare themselves. Some of popular and effective ways are following:

Achieve exams: is a practice exam with exact time, questions and scoring as same real test. It is prepared to help students in their preparation.

While Mock Exams: are previous AIMS past papers used to take test with exact time and environment as the real ones.

Daily Magic Spell: gives you new math’s problem and question every day to practice.

Online Monthly Contest: are the test held every month online among students all over the world having specific time.

Intensive AMC prep. : is a way to prepare through private lectures, lessons and courses.

Live Online Classes and Self-paced Online Classes: are full-yearly course that properly and systematically build your problem solving and knowledge to solve the problems and prepare you for the test in every aspect.

Summer or Winter Campus vacations provide intensive training with both of the taste that are fun and learning. It is good way to utilize your vacations without wasting your time and using them effectively.

Here Is all Details How To Fix Error 0x0 0x0?

How to write answers?

Do remember that you have to write the answers correctly. If your answer is correct but the way of writing answer is wrong you will not be given any mark for that question. So do care and focus and add zeros for example if the answer is 8 and 45 you have to write it as 008 and 045.

Benefits and advantages of participating:

  • The students who score good in tests are rewarded by book price or Plaque.
  • Even the top scorers on their institutes are rewarded with bronze, silver, or gold medals.
  • The students who qualifies AMC get a chance to appear in a AOIME and similarly in USAMO and then MOP
  • Winner pins are also rewarded but it is given to the student achieving the highest score in their institute.
  • Certificate is also given to high scoring students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What comes after USAMO?

Students are allowed to appear in USAMO if they have successfully passed AMC and AOIME test  with high scores and when they pass USAO with good scores which means that the top participants of USAMO are allowed and invited to the Mathematical Olympiad Program MOP in summer which is after the competition.

Q: I have no idea about AOIME test! How to know about it?

For this purpose you can use past papers, you can solve them, and practice more and more so that you would be capable and skilled enough to solve the test accurately on the test day.

Q: How young people can appear in the test?

There is no age limit for a young student. Anyone can appear in that test if the student, or his/her teachers, parents or the guardian think he or she is capable to do so. Even a student of age 8 has been appeared in the test in one of the past years.


So that’s all about AOIME. If this article helped you Please do appreciate our work!

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