Advantages of Studying in Singapore

For international students, Singapore has a lot of attraction. Then, what are the attractiveness of studying in Singapore for international students? Let’s explore together!

1. Teaching Advantage

– Singapore has good level of education

The Singapore government attaches great importance to the investment and development of education. The standards of public universities are high, and the school-running concepts are advanced and apply what they have learned. Singapore’s education system belongs to the Commonwealth system, and the diplomas and credits obtained are widely recognized worldwide.

Singapore has many government universities such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Singapore Management University. To enter these famous public universities, you do not need to take the TOEFL or IELTS in advance and only need to take a one-year preparatory course. Every year, there are a large number of places to accept applications from foreign students. Through the preparatory course, you can freely choose public universities. Singapore has not only world-renowned universities but also polytechnics that are highly practical and popular with employers, as well as distinctive private universities. Its education system is an innovative education system in the world.

– Diploma is recognized worldwide

Singapore has adopted the best of Eastern and Western cultures, followed the Commonwealth education system and Singapore’s local characteristics, whether it is secondary education for primary and secondary schools, or higher education for undergraduates and postgraduates.

2. Life Advantage

– The law and order are stable and the crime rate is low

Singapore’s economic structure and political system are the targets of many countries in the Asia-Pacific region to imitate, and its public security environment is a model in Asia. While all major cities in the world are shrouded in the shadow of violence, homicide, and drug abuse that endanger the physical and mental health of young people, the Singaporean government relies on strict laws and regulations to govern the country, making it the “most livable” country in Asia.

In the global city safety index report released by the United Kingdom, Singapore ranks in the top three. As a garden city with a low crime rate in the world, Singapore has a well-developed legal system and a high level of enforcement. From a safety perspective, Singapore is the best choice for international students, especially younger students.

– The pace of life is relaxed

Singapore is a prosperous metropolis, and the pace of life of local people is relatively relaxed. You can choose to attend concerts, movie performances, watch sports events or meet friends in bars and restaurants in the vibrant city.

You can also plunge into the embrace of nature and feel Singapore’s beaches, trails, national parks and so on.

– The teaching method is novel and unique

Singapore adopts the educational method of entertaining, which is recognized as the Asian happiness education method. The school adopts half-time teaching. According to the school’s arrangement, there are only classes in the morning or afternoon. In the rest of the time, students can study various interest courses arranged by the school or participate in some social practice activities organized by the community.

3. Employment Advantage

– There are many opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship

After learning theory courses, some schools will arrange paid internship courses. During the work internship, you will have more opportunities to contact local people, learn about their culture, make friends, and integrate into the community. At the same time, you can also accumulate work experience and establish personal connections for job hunting after graduation.

Study at the university of Singapore, you can be employed after graduation, with an employment rate of over 90%. You can apply for a green card and immigration after working. The unemployment rate is low in the world, job opportunities are high, and development space is vast. More than 700 multinational companies provide graduates with a large number of job opportunities.

– Singapore is a great springboard

After studying in Singapore for 1-2 years, international students can transfer to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries for further studies, which saves time and money.

– Help you improve your independence

Finally, studying in Singapore can also help you develop good independence. While studying abroad, you need to deal with everything on your own, ranging from basic necessities, food, housing and transportation, to dealing with locals, to choosing a school or career, and determining the future direction of life.

This way of life and learning is conducive to the rapid growth of students, tempering themselves in study and life, and moving towards a brighter future.

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