Acupressure For Back Pain

Many people around the world suffer from back pain, and there are many reasons for it. According to sources, about 80% of people have chronic or acute back pain. Due to this, a large number of individuals look for acupressure or trigger point therapy to relieve their discomfort.

If you don’t know – acupuncture is an ancient technique to alleviate pain and discomfort and promote healing. In this process – one applies pressure to various points. As a result, it stimulates a better flow of energies, called Qi, throughout the body.

Moving on to the studies – they show that, no matter the tool, whether hands or a muscle massage gun, acupressure is a reliable treatment for pains. It promotes endorphins release and reduces muscular tension, providing natural relief to your body.

Trigger Points To Relieve Back Pain

The self-care form of massage is an effective and popular way to treat several complications. Still, if you opt for a massage therapist, they also use hands or a massage gun with oils to promote healing and relieve acute to chronic conditions, like arthritis or back problems. Moreover, they also target specific trigger points with deep tissue therapy that further enhances the stated effect of massages.

If you dive into the details – some people mention over 400 acupressure points across various regions of the body. However, most people believe that five points of the body are major. So here we have discussed each one with a few details for your better guidance.

●     Stomach Point

The stomach point is about two fingers from the end of the belly button.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes the stomach point as the ‘Sea of Energy’. You can apply firm pressure here to improve abdominal muscle strength and aid in removing back problems.

●     Lower Back Point

The lower back point is difficult to reach by most people. It is situated near the base of the spine (about two or three vertebrae down).

The Sea of Vitality is another name for this point and is a vital point in relieving lower back and sciatica pains. It is optimum to massage this area using hands or a muscle massage gun, and it gives quick results.

●     Hip Bone Points

The spine is the most crucial bone in the body. The hipbone points are approximately two fingers below the large bony area.

These are also called Womb and Vitals. It is optimum to apply gentle pressure on this area to relieve pain linked to hip, lower back, sciatica, and pelvic stress.

●     Knee Points

The knee points are in the mid of the back of the knee.

It is also called Commanding middle, and a solid pressure to these points helps alleviate stiffness and pain (to name a few) in the knee.

●     Hand Points

The hand points are present between the thumb and index finger. It is recommended to lie flat on a surface with hands facing upwards before starting with this point.

Although it sounds unusual, the hand points help with back pain problems. In addition, applying smooth pressure on these points lessens the stress and stiffness in the spine that may grow up to cause severe complications.

The Final Takeaway

Although it is better to approach a professional massage therapist for traditional acupuncture with thin needles, you can also do that by targeting specific points. Then, you can apply gentle to firm pressure on these points with your hands or a muscle massage gun to get relief from the pain. Most people and doctors suggest going for a massage gun because it is easy to handle, carry and use and provides great acupressure treatments. Moreover, studies also show that in some cases, a massage gun gives better results than other methods.

Still, amongst all the benefits, applying pressure in chronic pain conditions or on a weak spine is not safe. In such situations, it is better to consult a physician to get expert advice to avoid making the situation worse.

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