Actionable Tips Canadian Companies Can Use to Penetrate the UK Market

While entering other markets can be difficult, and the UK has strict import policies and extended processes for imports, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) is in place to help Canadian businesses enter the UK market. Using the online resources available, including the CETA information and the Exporting to the EU- A Guide for Canadian Business, many things can be determined about how to enter the UK market effectively. To skip the tech-talk, consider hiring a British digital marketing specialist to set up and manage your campaigns for you, but if you are a startup on a budget, or a DIYI business owner, you should continue reading to learn more about getting your business off the ground.

Learn the Limitations and Regulations

The first step to entering any new market is ensuring you take the time to learn about that market and the rules and regulations that surround it. For example, you must know if your products will be allowed to enter the country and how long the process will take to have it shipped and processed, how they must be labeled, and what steps you need to take throughout the process. The Government of Canada has created a Guide for Canadian Businesses to help learn these regulations and expectations. Within this guide, the Canada-United Kingdom Trade Continuity Agreement is considered and referenced. In addition, the Mission of Canada to the European Union or the Trade Commissioner Service may be contacted for specific issues. Knowing how to obtain and utilize the information is necessary. These are groups that can help answer any questions and provide guidance to Canadian businesses that will be exporting to the EU, and specifically to the UK.

Know The Market

Before entering any new market, it is necessary to ensure that you have a knowledge of the market. Learn what products are popular, what items are in high demand, and which are not, and what types of products are regulated and how. By knowing the target market and what they are looking for, you can better prepare to serve that market and provide them with items they need and are looking for. To complete market research, it is necessary to learn about the demographics of the area and how many will be in your target market. This information will ensure that you are able to send products that will be in demand and will sell. Once you know more about who the target market is, you can determine what the best way to reach them is. Running an advertising campaign long-distance can be challenging, but knowing the style of advertisement that appeals to your target market can make it easier to develop and implement. For example, if your target market prefers magazine ads, then it is recommended to focus there with only supporting ads in other areas. If they are listening to the radio more than television, then you can take out radio ads rather than television time. When designing both advertisements and product packaging, use familiar and popular terminology in the markets you are entering.

Travel to Build Networks

By attending networking events in the area, you will meet others who will help you to learn the best ways to enter the markets and to meet the regulations. Considered a “relationship market,” having contacts who are in the EU will help you to ease into the markets, and trade shows and conferences can be attended virtually.

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