A Shiny Guide to the Different Diamond Cuts

Ah, the diamond. For hundreds of years, humanity has swooned over these brilliant gems. Not only do they feature in all forms of jewelry that we know and love today. But diamonds are versatile and also serve a purpose in manufacturing as industrial abrasives, tools in construction, and more.

Although they’ve been around for billions of years — long before humans roamed the earth, we have only known about them for a few hundred years. But over this short period of time, we’ve created a plethora of different diamond cuts, each with its own immense value. 

If you’re thinking of going diamond shopping in the near future, here’s what to know about the different cuts out there. 

What Exactly Is a Diamond Cut, Anyway?

When diamonds come from the earth in their original form, they look nothing like the diamonds we know and browse in a local jewelry store. Diamond cut refers to how a diamond is literally removed from the earth, cut into a shape, and then polished. 

Diamon cut refers to a number of variables. Some of the most important include how well-proportioned it is, the cut depth, and the symmetry of the cut. It also refers to the shape of the diamond, i.e. how we commonly shop for diamonds in their pear, oval, round, or cushion shape. 

The cut determines a number of diamond standards, too. Most importantly, the price, the quality, and the overall beauty and brilliance of the gem. 

Diamond Cuts 101: The My Girl Diamond 

If you’re looking for a diamond that represents romance, true beauty, love, and devotion, the My Girl diamond cut is your go-to. It’s a square-shaped diamond with eight sides. Developed by none other than diamond extraordinaire himself, Yair Shimansky, this diamond cut is unique and patented for its design. 

The overall sense of this cut of diamond is to reflect light from just about any angle. Unlike many other diamond cuts which only reflect light from the top. The My Girl diamond cut is one of the rarest in the world and, you better believe it has a price tag to match. 

The Eight Hearts Diamond 

This is yet another diamond cut developed by Yair Shimansky and it’s synonymous for its incredible eight heart pattern display from the bottom. As well as the perfect eight arrow star pattern when viewed from the top. 

This is a diamond cut like no other that offers unparalleled attention to detail and some of the best craftsmanship the world over. The Eight Hearts diamond offers perfect symmetry and proportion if you’re looking for a round diamond shape. 

The Round Brilliant Cut 

If there was a queen of all diamond cuts, the round brilliant cut would be it. This is easily one of the most popular cuts of diamond across the world today. It has set the bar extremely high in terms of brilliance with its 57 facets and perfect proportions. 

You can expect a beautiful brilliance from this OG-style round cut diamond, as well as scintillation and light reflection. If you’re looking for a classic-style cut of diamond that will stand the test of time, this is it. 

The Emerald Cut 

GS Diamonds, retailers of the diamonds Brisbane luxury enthusiasts turn to, note that If you’re looking for something with a little more elegance and character, you cannot go wrong with the emerald cut diamond It’s characterized by its unique step-like facets, as well as its rectangular, elongated shape and round corners. 

This cut of diamond offers a larger surface area from the top, known as an ”open table”. This means that the best type of diamonds that suit an emerald cut include clarity or top color diamonds. 

This diamond offers 44 facets of light reflection. When shopping for a good width to length ratio, look for something within the ranges of 1.35-1.65:1. 

The Princess Cut 

When it comes to the fancy cut diamond range, the princess cut is hands-down the most popular of them all. With its classic square shape and pointed corners, the princess cut diamond shows off with its amazing brilliance and shine.

The square shape makes it a staple among engagement ring popularity. It offers between 50-58 facets, depending on the exact cut of the diamond — as no diamond is ever cut identically. 

In short, this cut of diamond is the square equivalent of the round brilliant cut and offers just as much shine and sparkle! When choosing a princess cut diamond, look for a length to width ratio of 1-1. 

The Cushion Cut 

If you’re searching for an engagement ring diamond shape to truly ”wow” your loved one, then the cushion cut is another go-to. With its soft edges and rounded corners, it looks like a perfectly cut cushion of diamond. 

This style has actually been popular for many decades now, even when the first cuts of diamond entered the market. You can find cushion cut diamonds in both a rectangular or square shapes. 

Always opt for a length to width ratio of 1.05 to 1.10:1. 

The Oval Cut 

This is yet another highly popular diamond shape within the fancy cut diamond range. In essence, it’s the elongated, oval-shaped version of the round brilliant cut, and it’s another staple when it comes to engagement rings.

The oval cut diamond offers perfect proportions which gives it some of the best brilliance and scintillation on the market today. With its 56 facets, it’s the epitome of elegance and can even help to elongate the fingers when worn. 

The Pear Cut 

Similar in shape to the oval cut diamond is its close cousin, the pear shape. It’s a hybrid style cut, characterized by its teardrop or pear shape with a pointed end. 

A well-proportioned pear cut diamond offers an amazing depth of scintillation and tends to be most popular in jewelry types such as earrings, pendants, and rings.

Most pear-shaped diamonds offer 58 facets, with an ideal length to width ratio of 1.50 and 1.75:1.

Get Your Fix of Beauty, Fashion, Arts, and Culture 

It’s worth noting that these are only a few of the most popular diamond cuts on the market today. There are a number of unique cuts you might want to think about as well, such as the Asscher, marquise, and criss cut if you’re looking for something a little more creative.

If you have a passion for all things beauty and fashion or arts and culture, this site offers it all. Take some time to explore at your leisure and get up to speed on all the topics you love. 

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