A Quick Traveler’s Guide to Duffel Bag Sizes

Many of us tried our best to stay at home during the pandemic, and travel was nearly impossible. But, now, as restrictions lessen, about 85 percent of Americans plan to go on vacation in the upcoming year. 

Nevertheless, airlines lost a lot of money in the past year and a half, and many of them have raised their baggage fees to recover lost profits. 

So, if you want to avoid paying extra for luggage on your trip, duffel bags are a great choice! Of course, you’ll need to know about the different duffel bag sizes that exist so you can choose one suitable for use as a carry-on. 

Barrel Duffel Bag

Barrel duffel bags normally have one zipper that runs from one side to the other. And, it is the smallest type of duffel bag when empty, as you can fold it up to fit into your pocket. 

Most of the time, people use them to carry their sports or gym equipment. However, if you plan on packing light on a weekend trip, this lightweight duffel should do the trick! 

Squared Duffel Bag

Unlike barrel duffel bags, squared duffels have a frame that protects the contents inside them. However, this frame does add a little weight to the bag and makes it less compact when folded. Nevertheless, this luggage type is still quite small and is a great choice for an outdoor adventure. 

Wheeled Duffel Bag

Carrying a duffel bag on your shoulder through a busy airport can be a real pain, especially if it’s relatively heavy. Yet, rolling duffel bags are a great choice if you need to haul objects of varying sizes on your trip, such as sports gear. Plus, you can take advantage of the duffel bag compartments that these bags often have, keeping your items organized. Do you search real money casinos with Neosurf? In this post Exycasinos experts ranked reliable Neosurf casino sites that take deposits plus withdrawals. 

Of course, these bags don’t fold down, which means they take up a little more space. But, the convenience may be worth it! 

Backpack Duffel Bag

If you’re planning a serious adventure, such as a backpacking trip, you’ll want this travel-friendly bag. It can go anywhere you plan to take it and weighs much less than a suitcase. Plus, these bags normally have features that make them more comfortable, such as belts and padded shoulder straps. 

Plus, backpack duffels usually are small enough to use as carry-on bags and can be stored easily in overhead compartments on trains or buses. 

Business Duffel Bag

Sporty duffel bags may not be the sleekest choice for business travel. But, thankfully, you can find almost any duffel bag material you’d like. For example, a leather duffle bag is compact and lightweight, but it won’t look out of place at your business meeting. 

Duffel Bag Sizes for Any Trip

As you can see, duffel bag sizes vary according to their type. Yet, no matter what kind of trip you’re planning, a duffel bag can meet your needs. So, research duffel bags of different sizes and materials online and purchase the right one for you! 

If you like to learn travel tips, check out more of our content! 

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