A Quick Surf Trip Packing List

Did you know that around 18 million people go surfing each year? While surfing is popular around the world, the United States has more surfers than any other country. 

Surfing is a great way to get outside, get physical exercise, and have fun with friends. Whether you are a pro surfer or a beginner, you need to have all the surfing essentials before you hit the waves. 

Are you looking for a packing list for your next surf trip? If so, keep reading to learn about surf trip essentials you need to be safe and have fun. 


If you want to go on a surfing trip, you will need a surfboard. While some people invest in a good surfboard that works for them, others rent a surfboard when going surfing. 

If you are going on a one-time trip, renting a surfboard could be the best option. For people that plan on making surfing a hobby, buying a surfboard makes more sense. 

Some of the most common surfboards include longboards, shortboards, and funboards. The type that’s best for you will depend on your preferences and where you are surfing. 

Beach Towel

If you are planning a surfing trip, make sure you bring a beach towel or a microfiber towel. When you finish surfing, you will be wet and sandy. Unless you don’t mind getting your car wet, you will need a towel to dry off. 

If you are planning an entire day at the beach, you also can lay on your beach towel. This will keep you out of the sand, which can prevent bug bites and make you more comfortable. 

Wetsuit or Rash Guard

While some people surf in just a swimsuit, a swimsuit won’t offer you much protection from cold water, the sun, or sand. If you are going in cold weather, make sure you wear a wetsuit to avoid getting hypothermia. 

If you are going surfing in warm weather, rash guards are a good option. While they won’t keep you warm, they will protect you from scrapes and the sun. Wearing a rash guard can give you peace of mind while surfing. 

First Aid Kit

While accidents are rare, you should still prepare for them to happen. The most common surfing accidents include being hit by the surfboard, cramps, and jellyfish stings. 

Most accidents aren’t serious, but you could get into a situation where you have a serious injury. Carrying a first aid kit can help you stop bleeding, treat minor cuts, and handle jellyfish stings. 

Make sure you always tell someone about your surfing plans before going, check the weather, be aware of your limits. 

Are You Ready to Pack for Your Surf Trip?

Whether you go surfing every day or you are planning a single surfing trip, you need to pack all the surfing essentials. When planning your next surf trip, make sure you have a surfboard, beach towel, wetsuit, and first aid kit. 

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