A Quick Small Business Guide to Shipping Products

The U.S. postal system dates back to July 26, 1775. The United States Postal Service though wasn’t created until 1971.

Today, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is an integral part of all of our lives whether for business or personal use. From UPS to USPS, you have options when it comes to shipping items. 

Do you wish that there was a guide to make understanding shipping solutions for small businesses easier? You’re in luck! Read this article on shipping solutions for small businesses today. 

What Are the Best Shipping Solutions?

When you need to print certified mail labels, you need a company that’ll be cost-efficient and fast in sending out your documents. If your business is eCommerce, your best option is to let your customer choose their preferred method of shipping items. This will reduce hidden fees that the customer isn’t expecting in order to ensure that they have a happy shipping experience. 

As far as what you should choose, take a look at their speed and overall service. Take a look at whether or not they offer tracking on the package, and when the package is supposed to arrive. 

Reducing Shipping Costs

In order to reduce shipping costs, you’ll first want to choose affordable packages. Don’t choose branded packaging if it isn’t in the budget. Shipping tips include buying items in bulk in order to save money overall. 

Negotiation Time

When it comes to shipping products, you might be able to negotiate rates. If you’re doing a large amount of business with them, they might be more likely to offer you a deal. They might have discounts available to small business owners as well. 


Consider the distance that the package will go when it comes to small business shipping. FedEx, UPS, and USPS measure distance based on zones.

You can use a multi-carrier rate calculator in order to see how much this will cost you. Keep in mind that certain items won’t be able to be shipped to certain locations as well. When you sell internationally, you’ll need to update your shipping since it’ll cost more than staying local. 


The weight of the products will impact the cost of the shipping. Use a postal scale in order to determine how much it’ll cost you.

You can find those at your local office supply stores. The store associates can help you weigh the items for convenience.

Sometimes, shipping providers won’t provide you with an estimate without an address. It’s important to have a few different zip codes that you can use for a more spot-on estimate. 

Understanding Shipping Solutions for Businesses

After exploring this guide, you should have a better understanding of shipping solutions for businesses. Take your time figuring out what’s the best shipping option for your company.

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