A Quick Guide to Writing an Awesome Problem-Solution Dissertation!

A problem-solution is the most fun to write, as it pushes the writer to produce the most original content. You do need a lot of research to write a problem-solving dissertation. Also, this type of dissertation sky contributes to your personal growth.

It urges you to analyze a situation, choose a side, give you the power to make a decision, provide a solution and then justify it from potential criticism. For a student, a problem-solution dissertation can become the ideal battleground where they can express their opinions. These feelings that usually do not get a platform can now be out in the open.

Writing the same old types of dissertation and topics can decrease the motivation levels of a student. If one wants to inspire and get inspiration, one must pull themselves out of the comfort zone.

Writing a problem-solution dissertation can be tricky if you don’t learn the structure and pattern. In this post, you will learn to write an awesome problem-solving dissertation without any hassles. So get your pen and pad for a life-changing guide.

Introduce your problem

Unless your instructor provides you with a topic for your dissertation, you need to think about a problem that you always wanted to talk about. A problem that has always been on your mind. Maybe you thought about it over the years. You even came up with possible solutions, and now you have a platform to present the problem with its solution.

  • Make your problem easy to understand. Do not leave things for the reader’s imagination. You should be able to make your problem their problem with your writing style.
  • You need to create a situation where the reader gets involved in your problem and thinks for solutions themselves.
  • Also provide some background about the problem. You need to describe to the reader that this problem has existed for a long time now and mention whatever solutions have been given concerning that problem.
  • The problem should not be vaguely presented. It should be clear cut and other there for the readers to absorb.

 For example:

“Animal testing for medicines and beauty products has been part of the industry for the longest time now. With the growing demands of beauty products and medicines, the suffering of animals continues. Few companies have started to introduce products that have not been tested on animals. But most argue that they have to be sure that their product is good enough for humans. PETA and other organizations backfire with the claim that there are other solutions for quality assurance of the products. One doesn’t have to use cruel means”

The paragraph above is introducing the topic, making sure to hit the reader’s emotions and encouraging a solution. The only thing left is to provide a solution. Which should be discussed in the body.

The body of the Disertation is everything

The body does it all, it discusses the significance of the problem, then adds the solution to the mix, talks about how the multiple possibilities for the problem to be tackled, and if you can say then provide a good solution. Along with countering possible criticism for the solution.

First and second paragraphs

The first and second paragraphs of your body should discuss the significance of your problem in society. You need to prove that the topic you are going to provide a solution for is going to help the general population. Also, mention the causes of the problem. When you show the cause of the problem, the reader can relate to the consequences.

The last sentences of the second paragraph unearth the solution for the problem you have presented in the beginning. You need to leave a cliffhanger at the end of the second paragraph.

Third and fourth paragraphs

These paragraphs are completely dedicated to the solution and your reasoning for choosing this option. The third and fourth paragraphs also discuss the potential criticism you might face for picking this solution.

  • You need to be ready for that criticism and then provide an argument within these paragraphs. There has to be a plan of action with the solutions.
  • Support your solution with actual examples to explain to the reader that you have reached this situation with much thought.

Concluding the problem and its solution

When you reach your conclusion, you need to make a summary of the entire dissertation. Start by mentioning the problem again then re-write about the solution you provided in the dissertation. You should also mention the benefits your solution will provide and how it’s going to eliminate the problem itself. Some students are not good at writing so they  buy mba dissertation from a writing service to avoid the headache.

You will predict a positive change but not make big claims, that your solution will change the way the world works.

10 Writer’s golden tips

  1. Make an outline way before you write your dissertation. An outline will provide you with multiple good ideas and eliminate mistakes.
  2. Have your dissertation proofread by a classmate or friend before handing it in, sometimes what may seem understandable to you can be difficult for others to catch.
  3. Your dissertation should have a “How can I make this situation better?” attitude rather than “This is the best solution”
  4. Stick to one solution, do not give a zillion solutions for a problem. When you provide one solution, you can focus on the details.
  5. You have to be specific with the problem as the solution. Do not skip on the details as your type of essay demands detailed information.
  6. Use grammatical tools for the least amount of mistakes.
  7. In the mission of impressing teachers, do not end up using heavy vocabulary, because you don’t want the reader to get up and open up a dictionary for every word.
  8. Keep the writing simple and readable. If you would like to get an finance dissertation writing service UK based for better dissertation structure than yours.
  9. If you are presenting more than one problem, then change the paragraph with each problem with the solution. (1st problem + solution) (2nd problem+ solution). This gives way to the good structure of the problem-solution dissertation.
  10. The problem statement should be located at the end of the introduction paragraph, whereas the solution statement should be located at the third paragraph of the body of the dissertation.

Did you find this post helpful? Do you think you can write your problem solution dissertation now?

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