A Quick Guide to Using Gift Cards to Increase Business Revenue

Did you know that you can use gift cards to increase your business’ revenue without spending a lot of money?

As the holiday season approaches, most of your customers will be seeking to send more personal gifts, which means that gift cards will always be on the list. That is why you should use this opportunity to create an extra revenue stream for your company. 

One of the best things about using gift cards is that they are easy to create. In addition to that, they are always in demand, depending on the season. As a result, the only thing you need to do to get more revenue is to create the kinds of gift cards your customers like. 

This guide will teach you how to use gift cards to increase business revenue without breaking a sweat. 

Reasons to Sell Gift Cards 

Customers often purchase gift cards for special occasions to show their affection for their loved ones. These cards can be used for any occasion, which is why they can be a constant source of revenue for any business. Some of the events that could prompt your customers to buy cards include the following:

  • Weddings
  • Birthdays 
  • Anniversaries 
  • Graduations 
  • Reunions 

You may have also noticed that some people buy cards to thank the people who helped them in difficult situations such as funerals and injuries. If you choose to use a gift card for any occasion, you may want to start by knowing the significance of that event before coming up with a design. You can also talk to your customers to find out what they like. 

In some cases, gift cards are linked to loyalty programs which have become a popular way of marketing products and services. As the issuing business, you will likely offer discounts and other incentives to customers who stick to those programs. This way, you have a continuous income stream even though you do not own any of those products. 

Promoting Your Gift Cards 

Deciding to use gift cards and creating them is not enough to increase your business’ earnings. You have to take them to potential users and convince them to buy. To achieve this, you have to use various promotion methods. 

Try the following gift card promotion strategies for better results:

Regular Contests 

People from all over the world like free stuff, and they will always do anything to get them. That is why a contest is a sure way to promote cards, especially when they relate to popular events and products. You can ask people to participate in any competition and award winners with various cards. 

Free contests are the best option because when you ask them to pay for registration, a majority of them will not proceed. You have to ensure that the contests are open to as many people as possible to reach a wider audience. You will be surprised at how many people will be looking for these cards even when the contest is over.

Focus on the Design 

It is not easy to convince customers to purchase your gift cards when they dislike the designs. When you display them either on or offline, you should let them sell themselves because of an eye-catching design. This means that you should know how to use the right colors, graphics, images, and shapes as seen in Prize Rebel free gift card

A design cannot be defined using definite terms because everyone can come up with their style. However, you need to ensure that the design stands out from the rest, especially when many other businesses are selling gift cards. You may want to experiment with various designs before settling for the right ones.

Motivate Your Employees When Using Gift Cards 

Most of the time, you will be using your employees to market and sell gift cards. It would be best to find a way of motivating them to sell more because it is the only way you can be sure of more revenue. For instance, you may want to set targets and reward employees who meet them. 

You can also create competition amongst the employees and award the winner every week or month. These contents should not create enmity among them but make them work hard to outdo each other. As they try to outshine each other, they will be selling more gift cards, which your business needs.

Stick to High-Quality Gift Cards 

One of the ways you can keep customers coming back for more cards is by giving them the best quality. If the gift cards are printed, be sure to use the best quality paper and ink. It would help if you also used your creativity to find images and other content that make the gift cards even better. 

Producing high-quality gift cards is now effortless, thanks to the advancement in technology. You can use various applications to design gift cards, even on your phone. To make it even better, you can ask the customers to create their gift cards so that you can print them for them.

Offer Additional Value 

Although customers love free things, giving them additional value is another great way of using gift cards to increase business revenue. You cannot always give out gift cards for free, but you can give them out at discounted prices. You may also want to run promotions where you give them a free gift card when they buy a specific number. 

Discounts and promotions should come at times when you know almost everyone is looking for gift cards. For instance, there is always a frenzy when the festive season approaches, which is one of the best times to entice your customers with such offers. You can also change them depending on the situation. 

Get Gift Cards From a Reliable Supplier 

Now that you know that using gift cards to increase revenue is one of the best business ideas, you should know where to find them. Look for a supplier who helps you to inspire customers by delighting them with experience. You can get the gift cards either on or offline. 

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