9 PUBG tips for surviving and winning

When playing Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, the appropriate PUBG tips and tactics will ensure that you survive through the opening clashes. Despite a simple notion, implementation is difficult – and execution is the operative word when a sniper bullet might split your brain hemispheres at any moment.

You’ll need to learn the ins and outs of this battle royal – drop in, grab the greatest stuff, and figure out how to utilize it to stay alive against other players and the ever-present wall of energy. Guns, strategies, map knowledge, key goods, and which caps go with which vests are all things that can help you get an advantage in the next conflict. Whatever you’re searching for, ogamesandroid.com has some PUBG tips that will have you shooting, looting, and eating a chicken meal in no time.

Terrain may provide concealment just as well as any structure or wall.

Buildings are normally quite useful for surviving, especially if you can hide the lone entrance, but they come with a lot of dangers. A well-placed grenade will put a stop to your sprint in a hurry, and anyone who knows you’re in there may just wait at the exit. If you want to maintain your ground for a while, search for a ridge, dip, or slope where your opponents won’t be able to attack you. This will give strong cover with better visibility than a structure and, more importantly, a greater number of escape possibilities.

Don’t hide under the grass since it will become invisible after a time.

The grass in PUBG only becomes visible after around 200 meters, even with the proper scopes and sightlines. This implies that if someone chose to lay down, they may believe they are well hidden, but everyone within 200 meters of them may easily see them.

Rather of laying down on the grass until it’s too late, it’s better to seek out a tree or a wall (or even a bush) for protection. In a field, hitting the deck when shots are coming in is likewise a bad idea. Just dash to the nearest cover.

Use a level three helmet at all times.

If you want to win, you’ll need a decent helmet and vest, therefore always strive for the highest level available while looting untouched gear. It might be tough to determine what to pick up and what to leave if you locate a damaged level three on the person you brought down after a combat.

Early on, don’t be scared to lurk in the shadows.

Taking damage to remain alive may not seem like the ideal strategy, but it might be worthwhile in the early game. You will receive some damage if you hide on the border of the blue circle, but no one will anticipate you to be there. If you have some good healing options, you can stay there for a long time and avoid battles entirely. You could even be able to get a few kills on your opponents who aren’t paying attention.

Leave a level three vest on occasion.

Vests vary from hats in terms of functionality, but a level 3 which has not been destroyed is always better than a level two. If you plan on fighting a lot of fights late in the game, endurance is more important than level.

Choose your battles.

Everyone aspires to be the one who scores 20 kills and emerges victorious, but the chances of it occurring are minimal. (If you’re Spectre or Lack of respect, two of the most prominent PUBG broadcasters who can kill more people in any given round than the majority of players can in an entire evening of playing.) So, in order to stay alive, you must choose your battles carefully. That’s not to suggest you shouldn’t fight, but you should only engage in conflicts you know you can win.

Surprisingly, hiding in the bushes works.

Although it may appear silly, bushes are a good stealth option. If you sit in a bush, there’s a good possibility someone will stroll right past you and wonder where they were shot.

Maintain your late-game energy.

And if you’re in excellent health, once it gets down to the final 15 or so people, it is a good reason to begin taking those soft drinks and pharmaceuticals to get you jacked up and regenerate health. There are a few reasons for this, including the fact that you won’t have to worry about it after a late-game combat, and the possibility that one tick of health recovery might win you a tight battle. Learn about the 9 PUBG techniques for surviving and winning at ogamesandroid.com.

Play on the circle’s edge.

When you reach the late game, you’ll need to employ a variety of methods. Playing on the edge of the circle and running in with it is the one that should keep you alive. The area you need to be aware of shrinks substantially when you stay on the edge. You’re aware that a large amount of what’s behind you is completely secure, so all you have to worry about is what’s in front of you.  

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