8 Essential Tools for Marketers and Digital Creators

The digital world and the consumers that make it up are changing at lightning speed. It would help if you were seen before the competition, appear in front of consumers with the right equipment at the right time, transform them with incredible deals, and provide seamless and engaging solutions.

Like everything else, giving your business the right digital content creation tools can maximize productivity, but in an ever-evolving digital environment, tools come with different types of content.  With the right tools, you can speed the content creation process, get the information you might not otherwise get, and create better content. But where do you start, and what are the best tools and resources for creating content? What should I use to create better content? If you are a digital creator that would like to be better at your craft, here are online tools and services that would help you. 

1. PDFBear

PDFBear is a reliable platform to use if you want to convert your PDF files easily. With its help, you can rotate, repair, convert, compress, split, and merge your PDFs. To add to that, it is also secure and safe to use because after uploading your files, its system will delete them automatically after an hour. If you want a convenient tool to merge your PDF files, you should start using PDFBear. Their service is not limited to merging PDF files because you can also use their Add Watermark to PDF, as well as their other tools that can repair, convert, unlock, protect, and compress all PDF files after completing this process.

In less than a minute, your document would be ready for download directly to your PC.  PDFBear is the easiest and fastest program to merge different PDF files into one PDF file. If you are not familiar with the process involved, you can simply follow the instructions listed on the site. 

2. Canva

Embedding images in your content makes it easier to read and more engaging to your readers. But creating visual content is also one of the biggest challenges for many marketers. Especially if you don’t have access to expert designers, Canva is arguably one of the most popular design platforms globally, and even the world’s least creative people can use it to create images in a variety of formats, from social graphics to blog images and infographic tools. If you want to create simple and effective images without a designer, you will love Canva. 

Sometimes graphic design can be very complicated. However, Canva simplifies the design process. Canva has templates that you can easily modify, saving you time, energy, and money. The Canva platform also allows easy design collaboration through open editing and commenting functions. It stands out with its drag-and-drop format, providing much-needed simplicity and eliminating friction in the design process, with exquisite and straightforward design capabilities and various designs to choose from. In addition, there is a free option.

3. Feedly

Feedly is a news aggregation application for web browsers and mobile devices. It collects customizable news feeds, which means you can read the latest news and updates from all your favorite websites, blogs, online newspapers, and digital publications. With Feedly, you can get everything you need under one platform without having to visit multiple websites to get the latest content. 

In addition, you can link the tool to Google Alerts, which means you can get alerts and notifications related to content containing keywords that interest you. All you have to do is to add and organize your feeds based on the name of the site of interest. 

4. Sem Rush 

Sem Rush is a fantastic platform that can help you optimize your site’s SEO and search for relevant keywords in your niche.  By researching keywords, the platform can help guide better business decisions, resulting in faster results. With Sem rush, you can find, build, and evaluate valuable data hidden in online sites. You can use this data to drive high-performance keyword tracking, quality testing, and identify opportunities for click-through rate improvement. 

Get an accessible behind-the-scenes view of the SEO information you need from Google Search Console. It contains built-in digital marketing tools designed to help you track and improve search rankings. Plus, you can view competitors’ backlinks, monitor their ranking fluctuations, and conduct a comprehensive competitive analysis.

You need to know what will help you rank for the best results and keep that in mind when creating your content. SEMrush Content Templates help you analyze the top content of your target keywords and understand what you need to include on your pages to compete.

5. Google Trends 

Google Trends helps you understand the popularity of a search term or topic on the Google search engine. Enter your search terms to see how your interests have grown over time and use this information to create content on evolving, rapidly trending topics.

6. Yoast

With Yoast, you can ensure that your content is more readable. It also contains some features that can help you optimize your content for better searches. Yoast is one of the most downloaded plugins in WordPress for a reason. Yoast can give your website a complete performance analysis. This is a quick way to determine if your website has broken links, wrong redirects, broken pages, duplicate content, and other errors that need to be fixed. 

7. Hemingway App

Hemingway app helps you create high-quality copies to attract readers. Just copy and paste your content into the app. It then ranks the readability of your content based on a rating scale. The higher the number, the more complex the content is to read. Hemingway App uses statistics to shape your content. 

8. Grammarly

Grammarly takes proofreading to a whole new level. Just upload your document to view any grammar and spelling errors in your writing. It also provides suggestions for correcting mistakes. You can also use this tool to check whether your content is plagiarized. 


Creating content for social media might seem easy, but marketers and content creators know that creating and editing online content is difficult and time-consuming. From choosing the best images to express your point of view to creating updates with the perfect hashtag and tone, good content regularly takes time and effort.

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