8 Best Management Simulation Games on the Market

Do you know that 70% of Americans are active in playing video games such as Drift Hunters? Actually, more than half of gamers have active gaming accounts on multiple platforms. 90% find video games more interactive and easily accessible through mobile phones and tablets.

Although the popularity of mobile phones and handheld devices as gaming tools is on the rise, 52% of gamers still prefer desktops PC, laptops, or consoles. What’s more, interactive games consume up to 16% of Americans’ leisure time.

But what’s the essence of playing these games? For instance, how can you benefit from management simulation games? Online video games can help you improve your social skills. Moreover, gamers usually have better manual dexterity.

That said, what are the best management simulation games today that immerse you in real-life situations? Which options can help you build an empire from home?

This article highlights eight games to watch out for. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Frostpunk (Chill City)

Do you picture yourself as a savior for a doomed city? You should try your hands on Frostpunk. The gaming environment is pretty unforgiving and you must think outside the box to survive as you cater to the residents. The setting is in the late 19th-century environment.

To give you a better perspective, Frostpunk comprises frozen wastelands. As the manager of the territory, it’s upon you to extract resources that can help you build shelters for the residents. You’ll also be at the helm of discovering new technologies to provide warmth.

This is one of the best strategic simulation games you can play in the market. The burden of ensuring the continuity of humanity is solely on you. Whether people survive the cold or not, depends on what you can pull.

2. Factory Management Simulation Games

If you want to learn and understand the basics of building a factory from scratch, Factorio is the game for you. Even if you’re terrible at playing simulation games, an elaborate Factorio tutorial should get you going. Moreover, the game is popular, thanks to its simplicity.

So, what does it entail? Here, you’re a naïve guy who just landed on an alien planet. The first task will be building and launching a rocket successfully into space. However, before that, you need to set up a factory that will oversee the building process.

But is it really that simple? No. Setting up the factory alone requires a lot of creativity. Remember, you just landed in an alien space. You need to make yourself comfortable and accustomed to the environment first.

3. Football Manager 2021

This game is about soccer management and business. So, think of it as one of the best business management simulation games because even pro coaches play it. As the name suggests, you have to build a team from scratch and guide it to glory.

Initially, the game proved to be so challenging for amateurs. This is especially if you don’t have a knack for football. However, the developer came into an agreement with the publisher Eidos and decided to split the original Championship Manager series.

That’s how Football Manager 2021 came into existence. However, go for it if you’re willing to put in a lot of time. It will also help if you have an acumen for business management.

4. Cities Skyline

Do you fancy construction and management simulation games? If yes, you should try your hands on this urban sprawl simulation game.

The game is pretty mature, thanks to its long-term existence in the industry. It’s a game that exposes you to challenges on a whole new level.

So, what’s the basic strategy of playing this game? First, you’ll need to establish and plan a city. This includes zoning designated areas such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

On top of that, you also need to provide amenities for the city residents.

You’ll build roads and other infrastructure at different levels. The more you progress, the more building and planning you’ll execute.

5. Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World Evolution makes one of the best management simulation games for fiction-driven gamers. The setting is on a land that features nearly 40 dinosaurs.

So, what’s the catch? You need to designate parks for managing these creatures across five islands.

The biggest challenge, you must ensure the continuity of extinct species. Players scour the environment, researching DNA sequences for recreation. While doing so, you should be careful to avoid getting consumed by the creatures.

6. Rimworld

How do you think it feels to run a space colony? You’ll find all your answers after playing Rimworld.

You have all the resources needed to operate a colony but you must manage them wisely. Think of it as an excellent alternative to the best revenue management simulation games.

Besides keeping up with the challenges of establishing a colony, you also need to handle other characters. Every series comes with an emerging story that requires you to solve a puzzle. Go for it if you are a think-tank

7. Anno 1800

The industrial revolution happened several years ago. Anno 1800 gives you a trip down history lane.

The setting is in the 19th Century Europe. You make your way to the top starting from a remote village.

Just like Europe conquered the world to drive the industrial revolution, you need to do that. This includes colonizing territories that will provide you with the resources for driving your mission. However, you also need to keep up with the competition for the same resources.

8. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital puts you in an environment where humanity relies on you to cure illnesses. Just like in the real world, sicknesses in this game come in varying forms.

You’ll start with the easiest ones to research, marked 0%. Then, you proceed gradually up to 90% difficulty.

That means building laboratories and research centers across different counties. Some epidemics that you’ll solve include Jogger’s Ripple.

Simulation Games Are Here to Improve Your Thinking Capacity

These are just a handful of management simulation games you can play today. The list is long and an average gamer may not exhaust it.

Read other articles on this site for tips on playing revenue management simulation games.

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