7 Virtual Corporate Team Building Activities You Can Try

Even before the global pandemic, remote working has seen a rise in popularity all over the world. High-speed internet is now everywhere, and various technology solutions have enabled many workers all around the world to seamlessly interact with their clients, co-workers, and organizations that are located halfway across the world. 

It’s true, however, that the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021 has further accelerated the adoption of remote working all around the world. Even businesses that are previously against the idea are forced to jump on the bandwagon due to the social distancing policies and work-from-home situations. 

While remote working has proven itself to be beneficial in so many ways, it does come with a few challenges. Managers are forced to think of new ways to bring the team together, and motivating remote workers to stay engaged can be very challenging. 

This is where virtual corporate team building activities can help, and below we’ll share some of the best team building activity ideas you can try to boost your remote employee’s morale and engagement.

Virtual Corporate Team Building: Best Practices

Before we begin discussing the virtual team building ideas, let’s address the elephant in the room: most team building activities are boring, and many employees feel these activities are time-consuming and even embarrassing. When they feel that way, then these activities will be counterproductive and lower their morale. 

So, it’s crucial to make sure your team building activities are fun, engaging, and appropriate by considering the following best practices: 

It shouldn’t be a chore

Very important, make sure the team building activities occur during regular business hours and when their workload is fairly light. These activities should not sacrifice their personal time, and they shouldn’t need to put in extra hours due to the time used for these activities. Consider all participants’ current workloads, and revise deadlines if necessary. 


What’s the goal of this activity? You are sacrificing your employees’ productive hours for these activities, so make sure it’s as effective as possible. Figure out your objectives carefully, and focus on these objectives throughout the activity. 

Know your participants

Different employees have different preferences, and while it’s practically impossible to please everyone, you should at least pick an activity that is inclusive for all the participants. Make sure the activity won’t potentially leave out, or worse, embarrass someone. To do this,  allow employees to voice their ideas and concerns.

Virtual Team Building Activities Your Teams Will Love

  • Dedicated Channel for Informal Recognition

One of the biggest challenges of a remote team is the fact that they don’t have those informal, casual interactions they’d otherwise get in an actual office setting. 

The idea is to tackle this issue by enabling a virtual place where everyone can have informal interactions, celebrations, and especially recognition of each other. This can be a dedicated Slack channel where you encourage people to voice their appreciation to other co-workers, organize virtual birthday parties, and other celebrations. 

Escape room games are always great team-building activities: it’s fun, engaging and encourages people to work together in achieving a shared goal.

So, how can we translate this in a virtual, online-only setting? 

You can do it yourself and design universal riddles and puzzles (i.e. the key to the next puzzle is the most valuable item you have in your room), so every participant can play while they stay in their own room. 

Yet, there are also services like The Escape Game’s Remote Adventures, that can help you with their Zoom-based escape room games. 

  • Virtual Quizzes

Team quizzes are easy to host and can be very effective in ensuring the participants stay engaged throughout the Virtual Trivia Activities

Especially effective in fairly large team settings where some team members tend to be sidelined in certain situations. With quizzes, you can allow everyone to participate and have fun. Obviously, quizzes and contests can also help in facilitating healthy competitiveness in the team. 

You can design your own quizzes and write your own questions, but there are also services that offer pre-made trivia contests and quizzes you can use right away. 

  • Personal Fact-Guessing

A great way to facilitate team members learns about each other. 

Ask each team member to share a unique personal fact, then anonymously list these facts in a single document. Share this file with all participants, and let them guess which fact belongs to which team member. 

Simple to organize, yet can be a very fun activity. 

  • 20-Questions Game

The virtual spin-off of the classic game. 

Have one participant choose one thing in their head, and share the category the thing belongs with the other participants. (i.e. a tiger, then the category is “animals”). 

The other team members can then ask up to 20 binary yes/no questions to try to guess what the chosen thing is. 

  • Truth and Lie

Ask participants to prepare three statements about themselves: two should be truths, and one should be a lie. The lie statement should be believable. 

Ask each participant to read their three statements in a random order, then the other participants should try to guess which statement they think is the lie. 

This game benefits the speaker since they can learn about the assumption of the other team members about themselves, while also help the whole team learn unique facts about their team members.

  • Online Gaming

If your team has a lot of gamers in it, then a simple but fun idea is to organize a multiplayer gaming session or even a tournament. You can also allow those who are experienced with the game to teach others who haven’t played the game before, which can be surprisingly fun and effective in building bonds. 

Gaming encourages creative and strategic thinking, while can also help your team relax.

Wrapping Up

The virtual corporate team building activities above are effective in ensuring your employees stay engaged while facilitating communication and shared identity within the team. In the long run, this will allow them to perform better as a team and improve their shared productivity.

However, ideas won’t really matter without the right execution, and this is why it’s crucial to have the right virtual conference management platform to help you plan, manage, and seamlessly host the virtual corporate team building with ease. With Eventtia, you can effectively manage your employees’ communication throughout the activity, monitor and track participants’ activities, and more. 

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