7 Important Things To Consider When Evaluating A Fractional CFO For Your Business

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A Fractional CFO is a business graduate who handles the financial and administrative affairs of your company as a part-time employee. A loyal and dedicated fractional CFO invests his time, knowledge and skills into your company for its betterment and growth. However, finding the right kind of fractional CFO is a challenging task. If you have already hired a fractional CFO for your company, then here are a few things that you must consider when evaluating this individual.

  1. Specialization

The first and the most important thing that you must consider Is the specialization of your fractional CFO. If your CFO has specialized in your industry or field, then he will be able to manage the workflow, follow the rules and regulations accordingly, and deliver the required results without too much guidance and training.

2. Prior Projects

It is important for you to consider the prior projects of your fractional CFO. By going through the prior project, you will be able to know your employee better and acknowledge his skills, ideology and work ethic.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is another important factor that you must consider when evaluating your CFO. Is he working somewhere else as well? Does he have a full-time career job? Is he able to invest the time and attention required by the company? All of these questions must be included in the evaluation form.

4. Loyalty

Is your CFO loyal to your company? Does he comes up with fresh ideas and initiate them on time? Does he perform all of his tasks with full dedication? Is he concerned about the growth and development of the company? You must pay attention to all of these above-mentioned questions when evaluating your CFO.

5. Multitasking

A multitasking individual is able to perform more than one task properly at a time. This is the quality that employers look for within their employees. So if your fractional CFO is a multitasking person and assists you in other administrative tasks as well, then he’s definitely doing a great job.

6. Communication Skills

Communication is the key to success. You must ensure that your fractional CFO acquires effective communication skills. He’s able to put forward his ideas and thoughts confidently. He must be able to communicate with the other team members comfortably.

7. Behavior with Others

The behavior of your fractional CFO with other staff members is also another important thing to consider during evaluation. If your CFO has adjusted with the team and all the team members are also satisfied with his behaviour as well as work, then you must do your best to retain him.

Employee evaluation is something that every company must practice at least once a year. All of the above-mentioned points are not only applicable to the evaluation of the fractional CFO but also to each and every employee of any particular company. Evaluate your CFO properly to ensure that he is doing the job properly. The right kind of fractional CFO can take your business to new heights through his experience, knowledge and skills.

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