7 Examples of Warm Baby Clothes

The winter is almost here! That means long sleeves and jackets for both you and your baby. Infants lose a lot of heat through their extremities.

If you don’t bundle them up in warm baby clothes, they’ll be miserable. The question is, what types of clothes does your child need to stay warm? 

Should you put a hat and a long-sleeved onesie on the baby while they’re sleeping? Do they need to dress in layers while they’re inside? 

We’ve got all the answers you need right here. Check out this guide to find out what your little one should be wearing this chilly season.

1. Onesies 

The number one thing that should be on every parent’s shopping list is baby onesies. They’re super versatile. They have clasps at the crotch that make diaper changes a breeze. 

They come in both long and short-sleeved models to match any type of weather, and they make a great base layer that will add some extra warmth to the baby’s winter outfit. 

We recommend going with solid-colored onesies. This will make it easier to match their underlayer with their pants, shirt, and jacket. You should also opt for cotton if you can. 

Cotton is a gentle material that won’t irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. It can also keep moisture away from their body and stop them from getting too hot while they’re wearing all those layers. 

2. Pants 

Even if you dress your child in a long-sleeved onesie, the material will be too thin to keep them warm on a snowy day. You’ve got to start adding on the layers. 

Pick up pairs of baby pants that have an elastic waistband. This will allow them to stretch as your baby grows. If you’re planning on introducing your little one to the snow this winter season, opt for waterproof bottoms. 

3. Light Jacket 

If it’s cold enough outside for you to be wearing a jacket, your child needs one of these vital types of baby clothes too. To stop your child from getting too hot, don’t buy a big, bulky coat. Stick to something light. 

Unless the temperatures dip down below 60, they’ll be able to get by with a sweater. Another thing to note is that wearing a coat while inside a car can be dangerous. 

It puts too much material between the car seat straps and the baby. You won’t be able to secure them. If you get into an accident, this could spell danger for your child. 

Always take the coat off before you put your baby in their car seat. You can always drape the coat or a blanket over them to keep them warm during the drive. 

4. Socks 

Babies have a lot of trouble regulating their temperature. This is especially true for premature babies. They don’t have the body fat necessary to keep themselves warm.

The two places where they lose heat the fastest is through their head and feet. To keep their toes nice and toasty, you should invest in a few pairs of warm socks. 

You want to keep the child dry during the winter. If you’re going to take them out in the snow, look for a material that won’t hold in too much moisture. 

5. Booties 

You don’t have to start really buying shoes for your child until they reach walking age. Still, slipping a pair of warm booties on their feet will provide an extra layer of warmth on snowy days. They’re also adorable. 

We recommend going a size up. Babies grow at a rapid rate, so by getting a pair that are a little bigger, you give them some wiggle room. Booties aren’t expensive, but you don’t want to have to buy a new pair every few months. 

Getting booties with an adjustable strap will keep them from slipping off your little one’s feet while you run your errands. 

6. Mittens 

Mittens are an important item to add to your baby registry, winter or no winter. They have a ton of practical uses. An infant’s nails can be incredibly sharp. 

By putting mittens on their hands, you’ll stop them from injuring themselves. Many parents will go as far as putting gloves on their babies before they lay them down for a nap for this reason. 

Mittens can also keep a baby’s hands warm during a cold day. You can buy mitten clips that will stop your little one from losing a glove. 

7. Hats 

Again, babies lose a lot of heat through their heads. For the first few months after they leave the hospital, they’ll need to wear a hat to keep warm. 

This makes it one of the main Hanna Andersson accessories that you need to pick up. Slip a hat on your child’s head before you take them outside. It will keep them toasty and protect their heads from the harsh UV rays that are reflecting off the snow. 

Once you get indoors, take the hat off to stop your child from overheating. You should also avoid putting a hat on them while they’re sleeping. 

You want your baby to be cozy while they rest, but hats slip off too easily. When they do, they become a choking hazard. Trust us, sleeper sacks will work just fine. 

Warm Baby Clothes That Will Keep Your Little One Cozy 

Your child won’t be able to brave the winter without a set or two of warm baby clothes. Keep them cozy by dressing them in waterproof layers. This includes a warm pair of mittens and a hat. 

Don’t forget their little toes as well. Socks and booties are a must if you want to keep your child from shivering this season. 

For tips on how to save money on all these winter necessities, visit our blog. 

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