7 Different Crystals You Need To Know

Are you interested in learning about the different crystals? Are you curious to find out the meaning behind certain crystals or any healing properties they may possess?

There are more than 4,000 minerals that take a crystal form. Among these are hundreds of different kinds of crystals that hold different meanings. 

If you want to expand your knowledge on crystals, keep reading to learn about these 7 different crystals you need to know.

1. Amethyst

This beautiful and popular crystal is normally found in purple hues. If you struggle with anxiety, this is a great option for you. Amethyst is commonly used to ease anxiety and to help ensure better sleep at night. 

2. Black Tourmaline

This crystal is a great one for anyone to have. Black tourmaline benefits include protective qualities, so it can be beneficial for people in many aspects of life. This crystal will absorb the negativity in your life, leaving you with only goodness and light. 

3. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz crystals are the crystals of love. This is a great stone for someone to have when starting a new relationship or who is stuck on an emotional roller coaster. No matter what type of emotional or romantic transition you are going through, rose quartz will help you through it. 

4. Citrine

If you need confidence or are feeling stuck in life, this crystal is the perfect choice for you. If you have any pent-up energy, citrine can help to loosen it up. This honey-hued stone will give you any courage or confidence you may lack. This healing crystal will help you to live a better life. 

5. Clear Quartz

If you feel like you need a reset button in your life, clear quartz is the perfect crystal for you. This crystal will provide clarity in your life and clear up any noise in your mind. If you are going through a difficult transition in your life, pick up some clear quartz to help you through it. 

6. Malachite

If you are trying to manifest abundance in your life, pick up some malachite. This crystal will help to summon courage and confidence in regard to money. If you are going on a job interview or about to ask for a raise, this crystal can come in handy for you. 

7. Moonstone

Do you need emotional support? Moonstone can help to provide you with that. This crystal will help you transition through cycles of life seamlessly and effortlessly. It will also help you to balance your emotions and help you to keep a level head. This crystal will help you to fine-tune your focus and work on bettering yourself. 

Make Use of Different Crystals

There are many different crystals that provide different healing qualities. The meaning behind these 7 crystals can help you to navigate through life with a better understanding of your surroundings and focus on self-improvement and betterment. 

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