6 Reasons to Build a Conservatory in Your Yard

A conservatory is a wonderful way to enjoy the nature and scenery in your backyard without having to leave your home.

You can wake up, make a fresh cup of joe and kick back in a comfortable seat to enjoy the environment outside. If it rains, you have shelter. Plus, if it’s sunny out, but the temperature is low, you’ll feel the warmth of the sun radiate through your conservatory.

Let’s look into six reasons why getting a conservatory in your backyard is a great idea! But first, let’s make it clear what we are talking about.

What Is a Conservatory?

As technology has progressed, the conservatory has evolved as well. Conservatories have developed from luxurious greenhouses to ordinary home additions.

Since they have grown to be energy-efficient and super-comfy, people often use them on a daily basis throughout the year. Instead of being a one-time space, conservatories become a valid extension of your home. While these factors make conservatories an excellent value for the money invested, they blur the distinction between a conservatory and a house addition.

Some of the common conditions you may see that qualify an extension to be a conservatory are:

  • It’s built at ground level
  • It is separated with walls, windows, or doors from your main home
  • It has its own temperature control system

Also, standard conservatory characteristics include lots of glass and typically doors that open up to the backyard.

1. Extra Living Space

Conservatories add a quick-to-build living space you can use for a variety of reasons. Most people use conservatories as a space to entertain and dine. You can use one for sunny breakfasts or candlelight dinners, while others serve as helpful study areas or home office spaces.

Many conservatories are back-of-house additions, but a lean-to design can take advantage of an overlooked area like a side return. You can also construct a greenhouse garden as a detached garden room, providing a tranquil escape from the main home.

2. Increase Your Property’s Value

In the current housing market, purchasers search for elements that add more value to a home. A bespoke backyard conservatory increases your property’s value. Adding a classy, high-quality conservatory to a property will create a more aesthetically appealing home that buyers will be interested in.

Also, in today’s hectic world, most purchasers want to buy a house ready to move into. They want all the main upgrades already completed so they don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of making further changes.

3. Save Energy With a Conservatory

Conservatories started to become prominent in the 80s. But, people often underutilized them since they were chilly in the winter and hot in the summertime. Also, the noise levels from rain hitting the roof made people think twice about getting a conservatory. Conservatories today are energy efficient. 

Modern conservatories use the most cutting-edge technological advancements. They have energy-efficient windows and frames, as well as insulated roofing systems. 

You can enjoy modern conservatories throughout the year, regardless of the weather. On a beautiful sunny afternoon, why not unwind with a bottle of wine and gaze at nature. Or, picture yourself and the family sitting inside, safe and warm, staring out at falling snow in winter.

4. Your Home to The Garden

During the summer months, your lovely garden should take center stage. So what better way to enjoy your garden every day than through the comfort of your own backyard conservatory?  

With glass doors that match the design of your home, bespoke conservatories offer a seamless connection between the two spaces. You could opt for bi-folding, patio, or French doors; there are plenty of attractive options. 

The use of the same flooring materials across the area offers a smooth transition from your indoor living spaces to your backyard. Plus, you’ll have ceiling-to-floor glass walls that let in loads of light.

5. Bespoke Design Choices

You can customize many conservatories nowadays to fit your specific requirements. You can pretty much choose any shape, size, or color. Also, many installers offer hardwood, aluminum, or high-grade uPVC options. 

There are also several unique choices to fit any building now with modern conservatories. You could go for an elaborate Victorian-style conservatory, an elegant Edwardian design, or a modern all-glass design. Indeed, with so much variety, it may be overwhelming!

Thus, an excellent way to approach a new conservatory installation is to talk to the professionals. They can suggest a conservatory style that would suit your home.

They can also offer information about the range of costs. For example, you might want to know a tiled conservatory roof cost or what different glass types will amount to in the total spend.

6. Avoid The Stress of Moving Homes

Moving homes is often more difficult and expensive than adding a conservatory. If you’re thinking about relocating because you want more room, consider constructing a conservatory as a cheaper and better option.

When you include in the costs of a large down payment, mortgage charges, and house moving company fees, conservatories make a lot of sense from a financial perspective. And you get to stay in the home you love.

Also, constructing a conservatory won’t take too long. You can expect your conservatory completed within 2-4 weeks, depending on the size of the job. When you hire experienced professionals to do the job, they’ll ensure that they don’t disturb your privacy and home life much at all. 

Some people may think a few weeks is too long. But when you consider the time and stress it takes to move, a conservatory installation timeframe is nothing. 

Invest In a Conservatory

By investing in a conservatory instead of moving, you save a whole lot of hassle and expense. They help merge your house into the backyard, and they bring plenty of light into your home. What’s more, you’ll have loads of new space to play with.

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