6 Must-Have iPad Accessories

iPads are by far the most popular tablet and comprise over 36% of the total market share. As they become more and more common, accessorizing has also grown in popularity and diversity. There have never been more choices for spicing up your tablet experience.

Whether you want to decorate your tablet or enhance its functionality, there’s absolutely an accessory (or two, or three!) that’s right for you. Read on to learn about 6 must-have iPad accessories to make the best use of your tablet.

Apple iPad Accessories

First, make sure you know what model iPad you have. It’d be a shame to buy an accessory only to find it’s not compatible with your version. Make sure to cross-reference sizing and other features with your model.

  • iPad: 9th gen, 10.2 in display
  • iPad Pro: 5th or 3rd gen, 12.9 or 11 in display
  • iPad Air: 4th gen, 10.9 in display
  • iPad Mini: 6th gen, 8.3 in display

Tablets aren’t just phones with larger screens. They have all the functionality and capability of a fully-fledged laptop if you know how to use them. These Apple accessories have the ability to transform your tablet into a powerful device for work or play. 

1. iPad Cases

iPad cases are vital to the protection of your device. To prevent scratches and other damage, consider getting a case.

Apple offers a magnetic Smart Folio that automatically puts your iPad to sleep when closed and wakes it when opened. The Smart Folio is thin and lightweight, making it unobtrusive and sleek. It’s easily foldable into various positions, making it dually useful as a stand to prop your device up for easier use.

2. iPad Keyboard

Apple’s Magic Keyboard for iPad acts as an outstanding companion for your tablet. It attaches magnetically to your device and allows you to transform it into a pseudo-laptop for easier typing and navigation. 

For extra protection, consider getting a magic keyboard sleeve that fits both your iPad and magic keyboard.

3. Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is the perfect accessory for artists, designers, or students. Whether you use it for note-taking or illustration, it’s the industry standard stylus for the iPad. Use it with pre-loaded applications or browse the App Store for compatible apps. 

4. Magic Mouse

If you prefer the feel of a traditional mouse, consider purchasing the Magic Mouse. This product allows you to navigate your tablet as you would a desktop monitor, making it a great option for students or those who work remotely. 

5. Magic Trackpad

Similar to the Magic Mouse, the Magic Trackpad offers an alternative form of navigation for your iPad. The pressure-sensitive device is wireless and offers a large surface area for easy navigation. 

6. Lightning Adapters

As iPads do not feature a USB port to maintain their slim design, consider buying lightning adapters to fit your needs. Whether you’re a photographer who needs an SD card adapter or simply want to attach a flash drive for extra storage, Apple offers the right adapter.

Get the Most Out of Your iPad

Now that you’ve learned about the essential iPad accessories, it’s time to start exploring your tablet and all it has to offer. As the tech market rapidly expands, so does the opportunity for new tablet accessories. Check out our Technology section to stay current with the latest news in tech.

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