6 Classic Necklace Styles Every Woman Must Invest In

The practice of wearing necklaces as jewellery goes back to ancient times. Since the prehistoric era, they were believed to serve religious, ceremonial, or funerary purposes and used as symbols of status and wealth. Today, women’s necklaces have become a staple fashion piece that accentuates any outfit. 

Necklace style trends have evolved over the years. The chains made with bones, plants, and shells worn during prehistoric times were replaced with metallic adornments when the Bronze Age took over. Today, there are numerous styles and materials that women can choose from when picking the piece that will complete their wardrobe. Here are some classic necklace trends over the years that will still look good in 2022 and beyond. 

Diamond Necklaces 

Diamonds are long believed to last forever. While the truth about this fact remains debatable as experts question the long-standing marketing tagline, this precious stone remains the most preferred gem used in jewellery today. 

Jewellery makers create necklaces using this stone to achieve a classic and timeless look. You may choose between a simple but sparkly diamond pendant or a luxurious tennis necklace to add more glimmer to your style. 

Disc Pendant/Medallion Necklaces

Medallion or disc pendant necklaces have become one of the most preferred necklace styles of celebrities nowadays. This style has been around for ages. During the early days, Greco-Romans wore gold coins as pendants to display their wealth and social status. 

The gold coins evolved over the years and became the circular disc pendant that is more prevalent today. Some disc pendants are adorned with gems and other stones, while others are engraved with personal details like important milestones, favourite quotes, or the name of your loved ones. 

Link Necklaces 

If you want to achieve a classy but edgy look, you can invest in chain link women’s necklaces for your wardrobe. It has become one of today’s go-to accessories in designer runways and is picked up by fashionistas in the streets. 

If you are after the timeless look, you can pick the simple yet elegant linked chain necklaces in your preferred precious metal like gold or silver. But if you have the budget to go big, you can invest in chain-link necklaces encrusted with diamonds or other gemstones. 

Charm Necklaces 

Charm jewellery has always been the choice for quirky and fun-loving fashion-conscious individuals. It will give a more playful flair to your simple outfits. 

Necklaces adorned with whimsical pendants in various shapes add a playful vibe to your wardrobe. You can wear these pieces for casual events and everyday fashion. 

Pearl Necklaces 

Women have invested in pearl jewellery since time immemorial. This classic jewellery, immortalised by fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Princess Diana, remains a top favourite among jewellery experts because of its versatility. 

Some of today’s stylish pearl necklace trends include dainty choker necklaces and single pearl pendants that match the wardrobe. It is also a classic accessory to wear for all types of occasions.  

Celestial Necklaces 

Necklaces adorned with pendants inspired by celestial bodies are also trendy nowadays. These shapes add sparkle and shine to any outfit at any time of the day. 

Some of the most common neckpieces include star necklaces. It is best for women who want a minimalist yet highly impactful design to adorn their necks. 

Necklaces are one of the most worthy investments for any fashion lover. It can help put together your wardrobe and provides an instant lift to any boring attire. So make sure that you invest in classic pieces that you can wear for any event. 

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