5 things your company is missing out for a corporate living in NY

There exists multiple lodging options for employers when their employees need to move to a new city like New York for work. Of these, nothing beats corporate housing.

These furnished apartments are designed to be comfortable and convenient for project managers, traveling executives, and all other important employees. They are spacious, ideal for productive work, and are affordable in the long-run. Besides, they take out the hassle and chaos that come with finding a comfortable place to live.

What is corporate housing?

Corporate housing or executive apartments are fully furnished short-term leases designed with a vacationer or business traveler in mind. All utilities and furniture are functioning and ready. All you need to bring is food and your suitcase.

Initially, corporate apartments were used by business travelers on work trips because they provided the comfortable ‘home away from home’ experience. Ideally, they come with all the comforts of a typical home such as separate living spaces and a full kitchen.

The most popular type of corporate housing are fully furnished apartments. They are generally larger than standard hotel rooms, ready to move-in, and provide a sense of home that extended stay hotels don’t have.

Having enough room and necessities like appliances, utilities, room furniture takes the pressure off the person moving in. Another benefit of furnished apartments is that everything is tailored to your comfort and needs.

In this article, we discuss five things your company is missing out for corporate housing in NYC.

Cost advantages

Cost is always a factor of concern to many employers when sending their employees to work in a new location. Unfortunately, many employers believe that corporate housing is too expensive, which is not always the case.

The flexibility that comes with leasing a furnished apartment can help your company manage costs. For example, you don’t have to commit to an extended stay if it’s unnecessary. You only need to spend what you must to keep your employees housed.

Costs can add up quickly especially if your employees stay at a hotel for more than a month. For a bigger living space and more amenities, your employees can help your company control costs by living in corporate apartments.


Moving is an exhausting, time-consuming process. It’s going to take some time for your employees to get settled and begin focusing on work if they’re moving into an unfurnished standard home. All this hassle and effort is unnecessary if the employee will only be staying for a short time, say a couple of months or a few weeks.

The good thing about furnished apartments is that they provide your employees with necessary supplies and amenities from day one. They are outfitted with furnishings and décor such as towels, furniture, kitchen appliances, internet connectivity, and washer and dryer of a full functional home.

Moving into corporate apartments is much easier than transporting household goods and furniture. Your employees will transition faster and get right to business within a short time.

Additional perks and features

Corporate living can significantly improve the experience of your employees in a new city. Additional perks provided by furnished apartments such as housekeeping can help reduce the workload, allowing your staff to improve productivity and focus better on the tasks at hand.

Utilities, internet connectivity, fitness centers, parking, TV cable, and security personnel are all included in the rental costs. Your employees have everything they need in one place. Standard rental apartments only provide such amenities if they are near restaurants, schools or other important institutions.

Responsive services

The leasing and managing of corporate apartments is handled by lodging providers or companies. As an employer, there are numerous reasons why this approach is beneficial to your organization.

The additional layer of customer service that comes with furnished apartments ensures that your employees have a comfortable and high-quality stay. Employees on work trips have little time and room to fuss about issues like laundry and maintenance.

This time crunch makes corporate living ideal for your employees because whenever they need help, somebody is always available to assist.

Room to roam

The average size of a hotel room in NYC is about 325 square feet. This space might seem irrelevant if your employee is traveling alone and for one or two days. However, having to move around such a small space for months during an extended work trip can be stressful and overwhelming for your employee.

Executive apartments are fully-sized houses with more than the usual single bedroom and bathroom in hotels. Employees traveling with their families have plenty of square footage and multiple rooms to live comfortably.

This extra space can make a huge difference if your employees are traveling with their families or staying for a few weeks or months.


Corporate housing is the best option for employers and their employees, especially for business trips that run for a few weeks or months. Adjusting in a new city can be overwhelming and challenging, but furnished apartments make the transition smoother and easier.

Do you have any experience with NY corporate housing? Share your feedback in the comments below.

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