5 songs that kids absolutely love!


It is really hard to compile a definitive list of all the songs that children love and have loved over the years. This could run into hundreds or even thousands of songs as well! Hence, while it is impossible to make any such list, here’s taking a closer look at a few songs that are universally liked/loved by kids. At the same time, if your kid is interested in music and dance, check out online hobby classes offered by platforms like Yellow Class. You will find numerous activities that will delight your children greatly. 

Coming back to the favorite songs preferred by children, here is a list for your perusal: 

  • Lakdi Ki Kathi– This is the iconic song from the movie Masoom that every child loves! This song is truly evergreen with beautiful lyrics and children love enacting the same when they are in a group as well! Children always cheer up when they hear this delightful song. It is one of the most popular dance numbers for little ones as well. Even tinier children may love imitating the horse mentioned in the song! 
  • Nanha Munna Rahi Hun– This is another iconic children’s song from the movie named Son of India. This is a patriotic song that children have adored over the years. Children can learn this song and practice marching to the beat along with it. This song fires up children imaginatively and also instills a sense of nationalism and patriotism in them from a very early age. 
  • Nani Teri Morni- This beautiful song teaches children a vital lesson of life, i.e. the importance of avoiding stealing. Your child can sing the song and dance along to the lovely chorus. The story told in the song is really catchy and children absolutely love the tune! 
  • Jadoo Jadoo– This blockbuster song from the super hit Koi Mil Gaya movie, has become immensely popular with little children. The lovely lyrics, the concept of making friends with a cute alien and the natural descriptions are major draws for children along with the peppy and catchy tune. 
  • Bum Bum Bole– This is another iconic children’s song pictured in the well-known movie Taare Zameen Par. Children love humming along to this wonderful song and even dancing to the beats. This song gives kids a lot of joy and enjoyment. The signature move to Bum Bum Bole is immensely popular with little ones too! 

These are 5 songs that children will love immensely and you should make sure that you introduce them to the same at the earliest! Experience unmatched bliss and happiness as you see your kids humming along to these songs, nodding their heads and dancing to the lovely beats to glory! Their joy will be instantly visible as a result of these timeless and memorable songs that have pleased kids at various points of time. 

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