5 Signs That You Need To Repair Your AC

It’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have an AC these days. A total of 89% of households in the United States alone have AC units. They’re needed to keep homes cool during the summer months.

Unfortunately, AC units don’t always work as intended.

If you don’t know when you need to repair your AC, there are a few signs you can look for. Below are five common signs that you need residential AC repair.

1. Blowing Hot Air

You’re used to your AC blowing cool air during the day, so you’ll probably notice when it starts blowing hot air. You’ll start sweating during the day, and the air will start getting sticky from humidity.

If you’re in this situation, your filter is the first place to look. A dirty filter can impede airflow and cause hot air to blow.

If you don’t have a dirty filter, you can have anything from a bad coil to a refrigerant leak. You’ll need to call an AC repair technician to troubleshoot the issue.

2. Strange Sounds

AC units make a certain level of noise during the day, but there are times when they’re noisier than usual. If you’re in this situation, don’t ignore the extra noise.

Extra noise coming from your AC shows that the equipment isn’t functioning correctly. Grinding and grating can indicate a mechanical issue, while hissing points to a leak in one of your lines.

3. Bad Odors

There should be no smell coming from your AC unit. Everything with an odor is sealed in your AC lines to keep everyone in the house safe.

However, there will be times when something’s wrong that causes a smell. In many cases, you’ll smell something burning.

This burning smell is a sign of electrical issues. You’ll need to get residential AC repair to determine the problem and fix your electrical issues.

4. Flooding

Your AC unit has ways to deal with extra moisture. It needs to because condensation builds inside the AC unit when humidity is high. Usually, that condensation goes through a drain pan and out a condensation line.

If you have water leaking from your AC unit, that means you have too much water inside your unit, or it isn’t draining. You’ll need to unfreeze your evaporator coils, repair your drain pain, or unclog your condensation line.

5. Bad Thermostat

Your AC will still run without a thermostat. The problem is that it won’t run the way you want. It remembers the last setting on your AC unit and keeps the temperature there.

If you discover that your home isn’t at the right temperature, your thermostat is one of the first places to check. In most cases, you’ll only need to replace the batter. In others, powering your AC unit on and off will fix things.

In other cases where your thermostat won’t keep your home at the right temperature, you’ll need to call an AC technician.

Now You Know When to Repair Your AC

With how important your AC unit is at keeping your home cool, you can’t afford to let programs go for too long and become more serious. The above issues are some of the most common problems you’ll need when you need HVAC repair. Keep them in mind to know when you need to repair your AC.

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