5 Questions to Ask When Interviewing Candidates for Employment

Have you been handed the responsibility of hiring a new job applicant?

If you’ve never interviewed a job candidate before, you may be a little overwhelmed about the whole situation. The interview process can be very intimidating. But it doesn’t have to be.

The goal of an interview is to determine if the candidate is qualified for the role, their work ethic, how they would fit in with your team and office culture.

While it may seem like a daunting task to go through each question when meeting with multiple candidates, keep these five job interview questions in mind when interviewing candidates for employment.

1. “Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?”

Asking this open-ended question allows the interviewee to express where they would like their career path to take them. It can also show if they are interested in long-term employment or just looking at the position as another step towards bigger roles later on down the road. This question also shows whether or not there is potential for future growth within that company.

2) “What Are Your Greatest Professional Achievements?”

By asking candidates this question, you can see what they value most about their work. It also shows how they define success in their profession and gives insight into what they have accomplished within their previous roles.

In addition, it is a great way to measure the candidate’s self-awareness and their modesty when presenting themselves. This question allows for comparison between different interviewees so you can find the person with the most potential.

3) “Is There Anything That Concerns You About Our Company or Industry?”

This open-ended question lets the interviewee know that you value honesty in an employee and want to hear all thoughts on both strengths and weaknesses of a company or industry. They may bring up something you haven’t considered before, which could make it a good idea to further explore the issue.

However, if there is nothing at all they have to say about your company, that may be a red flag for you as an employer.

4) “Are You Comfortable With Taking on New Responsibilities?”

Firstly, your employees must be open to challenging themselves and working towards professional development in their position. This question separates interviewees who only want their workday to be filled with a routine from those who seek out growth opportunities with enthusiasm.

5) “What Do You Think of Our Industry?”

This question is useful for gauging what the candidate truly understands about your industry and its current state. Those who are knowledgeable about developments in the field may find themselves more engaged with their work, whereas those unaware of changes tend to feel unsatisfied.

Also, you should always test office skills when interviewing a new candidate so you can see how well they will fit in the workplace.

Want More Help Finding The Best Candidates for Employment?

When interviewing candidates for employment, it’s important to not just ask the right questions but also listen carefully to their responses. The way they answer your questions can tell you a lot about how well they will fit in with your company and what kind of attitude they have when faced with adversity. Asking candidates these 5 key questions before giving them an offer is a great way to ensure that you select someone who will be both effective and enjoyable on the job.

If you’d like more job interview tips and learn about questions to ask interviewees, and increasing job candidate quality, please visit our blog!

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