5 offbeat things to do in Ladakh this summer

Ladakh and its range of extraordinary attractions remains one of the best kept secrets of India. Its rough terrains hide the most pristine of frozen lakes, arid mountains and vivid natural landscapes like no other. Perfect for indulging in all adventure activities like kayaking and river rafting and bike riding, Ladakh should definitely make it in your bucket list.

Discover the beautiful and aesthetic Buddhist monasteries that adorn this location and learn about the rich heritage and history. Ladakh also features the distinct magnetic road which is a perfect place to discover some unbelievable scientific explanations.

End your Ladakh trip with a serene bullet riding experience through the Zanskar Valley and make splendid memories

5 offbeat things to do in Ladakh this summer

Visit Pangong Lake

Situated at an elevation of 4225 metres, this serene saltwater lake is one of the highest saltwater lakes in Asia. The lake accommodates almost 160 kms, and its rich blue waters pose as a perfect backdrop for all your vacation pictures. Also called as the huge grassland lake, a bullet trip upto to the picturesque spot is the best way to enjoy the arid mountains of Ladakh and its cold ambiance.

This lake remains frozen throughout the winter, and changes its hue from blue to green during summer, which is a sight to render once in your life. Marvel at this preprocessing natural beauty and admire the rare aviary species that adorn this location in your Ladakh excursion.

Leh Palace

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the extremely peaceful Leh Palace which stands atop Namgyal hills is a pristine heritage attraction best representing Ladakh’s divine history. This palace was built in the 17th century and was the residential palace of Ladakh’s royal family for a long time. Now in its ruins, this palace houses the lavish bedrooms where the aristocrats once resided.

Admire the recovered murals, archaic paintings, and more. The palace also features a unique gallery/museum featuring collections of jewellery, sculptures, gems and stones worth a fortune. The beautiful Namgyal hills also feature a pleasant trekking expedition and a view of the entire serene Leh valley and Indus valley from its summit.

Explore the Zanskar Valley

Thrillophilia’s Package must include a trip to the calming and picturesque Zanskar Valley, which is considered a nature’s marvel for its outstanding glaciers, frozen lakes and arid and snow clad mountain valleys. One of the most offset sites of interest to visit at this location is the pristine Phugtal monastery, which is the natural cave of all the scholars and sages.

The monastery also features outstanding festival and cultural performances best representing the Asian culture of India, Tibet and China. Visit the beautiful Sangam point where the ubiquitous river of Indus and Zanskar meet, and relish upon the cool and calming climes as well.

Drive on magnetic hill

The talks of this extraordinary magnetic hill attracts curious visitors who want to marvel at this extraordinary attraction. It is believed that the road which leads down has strong gravitational force which allows the motor bikes and cars to run over it even with the engine turned off.

This pleasant road is situated at a height of 14000 metres and with the infamous Sindhu river running by the side, this attraction is a unique destination that one needs to discover. Whilst at this location, interact with the locals and learn about the mystery tales attached to this location.

The myth and the scientific explanation make this wondrous optical illusion a definite addition to your travel itinerary.

Discover the Shanti Stupa of Leh

Ladakh is adorned with hundreds of Buddhist monasteries, and one such extraordinary attraction is the Shanti Stupa of Leh. Situated at an elevation of 11400 feet, this monastery features the relics of Buddha, constructed by the Dalai Lama.

This shanti stupa has an architecture with two levels, the first dedicated to the architectural marvel of DharmaChakra, and the second houses the prayer halls where all the monks offer their praying. The stupa features a panoramic view of the entire arid mountain valleys of Ladakh.

Observe the gleaming sunset and sunrise at this picturesque destination and make splendid memories to last a lifetime. Thrillophillia highly recommends a bike tour upto the Chandspa valley and where you can admire the engrossing roads and valleys on your way up.

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