5 Of the Best Deal Toys Ever Made

There’s little more satisfying in your professional life than a handshake closing a huge deal.

Yet, after that moment and a little celebration, the feeling evaporates. While the connections remain, they become mundane and new responsibilities redirect your attention. You lack anything to remind you of the joy your achievement inspired.

Enter deal toys. These mementos for commemorating a deal range from simple plaques to kitschy, eye-catching sculptures you’ll always cherish.

If you can’t imagine a wacky business deal toy, worry not. Keep reading to learn about some of the best deal toys ever.

1. IBM Breaks Through

When one businessperson made a whopping $4,000,000,000 deal with IBM in the mid-2000s, they commemorated the partnership with a fun toy. The Corporate Presence designed a toy showing a wrecking ball with the IBM logo breaking through a wall with $4B behind it.

The plaque lists the deal’s specifics and how the money’s spread out. It lists all the banks involved so everyone can look back on the deal with pride.

2. Jacent’s Success in a Shopping Cart

Jacent is a retail support company that partnered with Gridiron Capital in 2019. Their commemorative deal toy has an attractive yellow and gray base with a sculpture of a shopping cart on top.

It has a few abstract, colorful pieces in it that don’t distract from the overall image but make sure the cart is full. After all, it would be pretty awkward if they represented a lucrative deal with an empty cart!

3. Italcanditi’s Tasty Trophy

Italcanditi is an Italian fruit and vegetable processor that also runs a spa. When the former owners sold a majority stake to Investindustrial, it inspired a tasty deal toy. It features sculptures of Italcanditi’s equipment and products on a lucite plaque.

4. Finding Direction With Siemens

Many exciting deal toys have a sense of whimsy and kitsch, while others are more stately. One of the fancier deal toys is a recent 2021 toy representing John Stahley’s role in the Siemens Energy COMPASS project.

It’s clear with an interesting, crystalline shape and has a compass in the middle. The Corporate Presence reflected the compass throughout the piece to create a dramatic effect. The Siemens logo is prominent, but the remaining text is simple and doesn’t distract from the impressive imagery.

5. Iberdrola and Seawind Meet Polish Pride

Iberdrola is a renewable energy corporation based out of Spain. They do business throughout the world and partnered with the multi-national European wind energy company Seawind in late 2020.

This partnership expanded wind energy projects in Poland, so the commemorative deal toy focuses on the country. It displays the country’s silhouette and a white eagle from the Polish coat of arms.

Earn Deal Toys With Brilliant Business Tips

These awesome deal toys offer some inspiration both for awarding a deal toy and for what you could gain by pulling off a major business partnership.

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