5 Must-Know Small Business Tax Tips

Small business studies show that 20% of new businesses don’t make it through the first year. There are several issues that can sink your company, and failing to handle your taxes can hurt you more than anything else. 

Studying some small business tax tips will help you take care of your tax obligations without stress. 

Save your business now and in the future by using the tax tips below. 

1. Handle Your Issues Regularly and Not Just During Tax Season

Many small businesses make the mistake of only focusing on their taxes when they’re due on April 15. You need to keep accurate books at all times and should assess your tax situation each month. 

Accurately tracking your assets and liabilities will prevent these issues from piling up during tax time. If you handle your records and taxes every quarter, you’ll file taxes stress-free once spring arrives. 

2. Hire an Accomplished Professional for Tax Advice

Give yourself the gift of leaving your taxes to the pros. Not only will they do your taxes correctly, but they’ll also take this burden off your shoulders. 

By having the assistance of an accountant throughout the year, you can handle all the aspects of your company taxes correctly, on time, and with every detail in order. 

A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) might charge you about $150 per hour or more. 

3. Always File Taxes on Time

Blowing your tax deadlines creates unforced errors for your business. Since most small businesses are just trying to keep their heads above water, mismanaging something as simple as meeting the tax filing deadlines can be damaging. 

This will lead to late fees and penalties, and you’ll eventually end up paying your taxes at a greater price. 

4. Pay Your Business Taxes Quarterly

The best small businesses stay ahead of the game with their taxes. Taxes are due on around April 15 each year, but small businesses are encouraged to pay estimated taxes. 

Get in the habit of paying quarterly taxes so that you can enjoy the benefits. By doing this, you will avoid late payment penalties and can stay organized with your taxes each year. 

Your taxes can become a mess when you let them pile up and get out of control during the year. Keep your estimated tax payment records so that you’re prepared once it’s time to file your taxes. 

Staying organized also gives you time to take advantage of ERC loans and other tools. 

5. Take Deductions When and Where You Can

You work hard in your industry, so it pays to take deductions whenever possible. Savvy small business owners check the tax code each year and take advantage of every credit they’re eligible for. 

You can take tax deductions for things like the cost of your utilities, inventory, automobile upkeep, and several other details. There are also several industry-specific credits you should study up on. 

Put These Tax Tips to Use in Your Business

Your business can begin to flourish when you use the tax tips in this article. By handling your taxes correctly, it’ll give your business the best chance of success. 

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