5 Key Signs That Your YouTube Channel is Growing

The moment you open a YouTube channel; you keep asking yourself whether you will be successful or not. That anxiety is okay because the fear of failing is what discourages many people. Many people start to buy YouTube likes so that they can have a maximum influence and ensure their content reaches a large audience. This strategy works but for you to know whether you are making progress or not, there are key indicators that you should follow. These indicators can serve as a wake-up call to whether you should up your game or maintain your marketing strategies.

Increasing Number of Comments 

It doesn’t matter whether the comments are good or bad, as long as you have comments, it means you are reaching someone out there and you need to up your game to ensure you keep them entertained. Most of these comments are just a way of telling you, ‘hey, we have you here so as a content creator, you should reply to these comments and keep the engagement continuing. Comments, if they are good can build you to a level that will make you enjoy excellent outcomes but if they are negative, they can make you lose a lot of followers.

Increasing Number of Subscribers 

When you have an increasing number of subscribers, it means people have started to like your content and they are pleased. People who subscribe normally get a notification when you upload a new video and this makes them a direct view of what you have uploaded. If you continue to get subscribers, it means you have touched the soul’s people and they want to get more from you. That is why people who open YouTube channels normally insist that followers must subscribe to their content. 

More Shares of the Content You Upload 

Shares are a way of telling you that your content deserves the attention of other people. This is why when someone watches, they feel that other people must also see and hear it. For that reason, always make sure you appreciate people who share your content because they make it available to other new audiences besides increasing the videos of the content. This means that as you keep receiving shares of the content, you keep on growing and a time shall come when you be almost in every area of the world. When people share content, they build you and you also enhance the influence you have. 

Other key indicators of growth are the increasing number of views and likes on your channel. Most of these likes are normally from people who don’t have time to comment or share but they are showing you that indeed you are making a difference out there. 


You can buy YouTube likes for your channel but remember the best content always wins because people value original and thrilling content compared to just influence. The more you content entertains or educates, the more the people will follow you and you will have excellent results at all times. 

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