5 Fun Ways To Dress Up (Or Down) Your Long Bohemian Dress For Any Occasion

Bohemian clothing has been all the rage lately because of its lightness and trendy look that fits just about any occasion. After all, many people aspire to the ideas behind this fashion trend: self-liberation and romanticism. 

But if there is one piece of bohemian clothing that every woman should have in their wardrobe, it is the boho maxi dresses. It embodies just the right amount of femininity with its fun, flirty, colourful prints, loose silhouette, and comfortable fit. 

Made of natural fabrics, this light and airy outfit is comfortable to wear and gives you the freedom to move while remaining connected with your feminine side. All these elements are what keep the long bohemian dress in style no matter the current trend.

With its innate design, you’d think that the dress in itself is enough and does not need accessorising; but the bohemian lifestyle is all about layering to bring out your unique style. 

So here are a few ways to accessorise your clothing like, boho maxi dresses to fit any occasion you would be attending.

Prioritise Comfort When Out And About

The bohemian lifestyle is all about comfort. Its loose and flowy silhouette and light and airy material allow total freedom of movement while you focus on having fun. If you are going to a simple gathering with friends, think casually. Pair your dress with flat shoes or sneakers for ultimate comfort. Without anything else hindering you, you can focus your attention on the conversations and have fun.

Think Airy and Breezy for a Fun Festival Experience

Attending a music festival? Boho dresses, made of light, airy, and natural fabrics, are perfect for such occasions. It allows freedom of movement so you can comfortably relax and enjoy the music and other fun activities. Since festivals are usually several days long, you will be exposed to the different elements. Make sure you are well protected from the sun with a wide-brim hat. Pair your maxi dress with ankle boots for maximum coverage and ultimate comfort. Lastly, don’t forget to bring a loose-fitting jacket or cardigan if it gets chilly at night!

Fun and Frolic in the Sand

Bohemian-style clothing is best known for its versatility. While you may think it odd to wear a long bohemian dress on the beach, it is one of the most common outfits you’d see at beach parties. These soft, billowing dresses with their fun and quirky patterns are perfect for everyday wear and some fun and frolicking in the sand. Pair your dress with gladiator sandals to keep your feet protected while still exposing some skin so you can feel the sand on your toes. Layer some chunky and hip pieces of jewellery and let your hair down to complete your look. But don’t forget your shades to protect your eyes from the rays of the sun or the accidental spray of sand to your eyes. 

Feel Elegant and Sexy in a Maxi

Going out to a formal event but don’t have anything fancy to wear? You can wear your long bohemian dress and still manage to look sexy and stylish. Layer your dress with a loose kimono or long cape in a neutral colour to tone down its vibrant print. Pair it with sexy open-toe shoes, simple jewellery pieces, an elegant chignon, and dramatic makeup to complete the look. 

Experience the Christmas Holidays with Your Family in a Fun Boho Dress

Bohemian clothing is versatile and can be worn all year round, even during Christmas when it is cold, because it comes in various designs and styles. For example, if you are attending a Christmas party, you can wear a boho dress with long, flared sleeves and a structured blazer for a polished look, or a faux fur jacket for that added layer to keep you warm. 

The bohemian lifestyle is all about freedom of self-expression. Dressing up is only half it; the rest depends on your style and expressing your unique personality. A long bohemian dress, with its versatility, is the perfect canvas for you to express yourself, so don’t be hesitant to go ahead and be unapologetically you. 

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