5 Expert Tips for Moving Your Office Furniture Safely

So, your company has been growing tremendously. You need a bigger facility to accommodate more workers and customers.

It could also be that your office lease has expired or your target market changed, to mention a few reasons for relocating to a new office, hence the need to move office furniture.

Perhaps you are getting a new set of office furniture for an ongoing renovation project. Whichever the reason for moving office furniture, you must be super cautious to ensure a safe move. Read on for tricks to pack and move office furniture fast and safely.

1. Assess the Furniture

The first and critical step before moving office furniture is to make an assessment. In this step, you determine the type of furniture you wish to move and the number. Also, pay attention to how heavy the pieces are.

With such information, you can decide if your team can handle them and if you need to invest in any special protective equipment.

While at the assessment, consider the distance to your new office. Assessing the distance helps you to come up with a moving cost estimate.

Don’t forget to sort out the furniture. Place the most fragile pieces on one side for extra care. You may also sort them out based on cost. The cheapest ones are easy to replace and may not need as much attention as large and expensive furniture.

2. Disassemble the Furniture

Big and bulky office furniture pieces are made to fill your office with elegance. However, it is not always rosy on moving days.

The stress of lifting the furniture pieces and fitting them through doors and hallways is time-consuming and risky. Save yourself from the headache by dismantling them before moving day.

Besides saving time and ensuring the safety of both the furniture and the movers, disassembling furniture makes it easier to fit them in the truck. Furthermore, the idea helps to save space, allowing you to move more items per trip. In return, you get to save money.

If you choose to disassemble the furniture by yourself, make sure you have the instructions on how to assemble the pieces back.

However, moving office furniture is stressful enough. The last thing you want is to add to the stress by dismantling the furniture yourself.

Save your time and energy by hiring office movers. Let the experts use their tools and knowledge to disassemble the furniture safely as you handle other tasks around the office.

The experts have done this before, so it will take them less time to dismantle the pieces and put them back once they get to your new office.

3. Cleaning and Packing

Although some items can be packed on the go, some like desks and drawers require emptying. It will help if you start preparing and packing the office furniture a day or a few days before the D-day. Delegate the task to your employees and ensure they have ample time to work on all the pieces.

Waiting until the last day to empty the drawers and clean the tables and seats puts your workers under pressure, and they may end up breaking some items.

Give them enough time to empty drawers and pack the contents in labeled boxes. The same applies to desk content. Don’t leave this task to the moving company as they may mix up the files.

After emptying the furniture, wrap the trays and drawers. The idea helps to lock the finishes of the furniture and prevent them from damage during transportation.

You may buy cling wraps for this or wait for your movers to provide the material and carry out this step for you.

4. Lift and Move Office Furniture With Trolley and Harness

It would help if you did not attempt to lift heavy furniture without a trolley and harness. Other than taking the weight of the furniture off your back, these machines save your time and reduce the chances of the furniture falling and breaking.

However, if you are using companies that move office furniture, you have less to worry about. The experts come equipped with the trolleys and harnesses and are experienced in using them.

5. Hire a Moving Company

The idea of moving to a new office can be exciting. But you might have to change your mind if you think of all the work involved in a successful move.

Things get better if you delegate the demanding tasks. With this, you can create more time to put things in order, both in your old and new office.

Moving office furniture and equipment is one of the most tedious and overwhelming tasks, but it does not have to be with the help of a reliable commercial moving company.

The movers are skilled and experienced in handling office furniture. They know which items require extra care and how to move office furniture without breakage.

Moreover, the commercial office moving companies have trucks of all sizes. You only need to select one that meets your needs depending on the number of furniture you wish to move.

The service providers will handle all the packing and unpacking tasks for you. This way, you can spare more time to deal with other tasks to facilitate a successful move.

Take your time to look for a moving company that you can fully trust and rely on. Consider their credibility, certification, and cost to move office furniture. Choose a service provider that has been in the market long enough to handle office furniture with ultimate care.

Pay attention to the reputation of the company. Check what others are saying about their services by checking online reviews. If you find more positive reviews than negative comments, that’s a good sign. The vice versa should raise a red flag.

You may also ask for recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues. Ask them to share their experiences with different movers. Then choose the most recommended.

Simplify Your Office Relocation with Expert Tips 

With the tricks above, you no longer have to worry about moving office furniture safely and within the shortest time. The pro tip is to hire experts to move office furniture. Leave them to do what they do best as you focus on easier tasks around the office.

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