5 Common Pest Removal Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

Pests are an American pain. In a 2021 survey, 14 million homeowners reported seeing cockroaches in their homes in the last 12 months.

Many people think that pests are a problem for homes, not businesses. In reality, thousands of businesses experience infestations every year. Many business owners commit common pest removal mistakes, making it hard to keep their businesses clean.

What are these mistakes? How can you spot pests and take control of your business? Who should you get help from? 

Answer these questions and you can fight back against pests with a few basic steps. Here are five common mistakes.  

1. Overlooking the Signs

Damage from pests can be significant, even during the opening stages of an infestation. As soon as you notice a pest, you need to start the pest removal process. The signs of pests include droppings, trails of food and fabric, and damaged furniture legs.

2. Forgetting About Your Exterior

Many pests enter your business from the outside. They are small enough to slip through your window frames or gaps in your caulking. 

You should walk around your building and inspect it for any cracks and gaps. You can fill them in with weatherstrips, glue, and other materials. You should also remove any places where pests can make nests, such as bushes. 

3. Confusing Different Types of Pests

Rats are different than termites or cockroaches. Even different species of rats pose different threats to you and your employees. Some rats carry viruses while others will leave droppings or eat your supplies of food. 

You need to do your research on the pests you have in your business. You then need to look at a few pest control company options and find a company experienced with your particular pest.

4. Relying on DIY Pest Control Measures

You can take care of a few pests by yourself. To get rid of ants, you can spread natural deterrents like white vinegar and cinnamon oil. 

Yet these measures can prove ineffective if you have thousands of pests in your business. You need to contact commercial pest control services that can use pesticides to kill pests hiding in your walls and flooring.

5. Not Following Up

Even if you hire a company to kill pests, you need to do an inspection to make sure the infestation is over. You should go room by room and see if there are any signs of pests that you notice. If you still think you have pests, you must call another pest control company right away.

Avoiding Common Pest Removal Mistakes

You may commit common pest removal mistakes without realizing it. Even one roach or rat can lead to a devastating infestation. You need to seal your exterior and control the situation immediately. 

You also need to determine what type of pest you are dealing with. Find professionals who know about your pest and avoid using DIY measures. After the removal crew comes in, you should check their work, including by examining hard-to-reach areas like your ceiling. 

Pest removal is trickier than it seems, but you can take control. Read about good pest removal strategies by following our coverage.

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