4 Tips on How to Deal With a Burst Pipe Emergency

You open the tap, spread your palms to catch water, and start to wash your face. But then – you realise there’s no water coming out! You go out to check your water metre. And hey, it’s moving. Yes, there is movement even when you’re sure you have shut off all water fixtures at home.

Indeed, some pipes could have burst. For these are the signs of a burst pipe

In that case, better call for professional help because for sure, fixing a broken plumbing system is not really your forte.

According to experts, there could only be two solid reasons for burst or leaking pipes – strong water pressure and the cold. Once your toilet or pipes are clogged, water pressure increases and that force can lead to cracking and bursting.

Same as during winter when your pipes get frozen, they have the potential to burst. Whatever is the damage done to the pipes, you’re the one at the losing end if you don’t resolve the issue quickly because repairs are costly and besides, too much water is wasted when you least expect it.

Burst pipes are obviously a plumbing emergency but even before the professional plumber gets to the scene, there are “first aid” remedies you can do. 

Below are some tips in case you’re faced with such an emergency.

Shut off the water supply

Turn off the main valve without delay in order to minimise damage and save water for the time being. You should know where to locate the main valve in the water line and the stopcock which could possibly be located underneath your kitchen sink or else in the basement.

Find the source

After shutting off the water fixtures, locate the burst pipe. It would be easy if water comes out spurting in the air or if not, a pool of water appears in specific areas in your home. If you don’t see any clues it could be that the broken pipe is buried underneath the ground. That being said, a plumber’s presence is necessary.

Call a professional plumber

The 24 hour plumber Melbourne contractor may recommend having the damaged pipes replaced in no time. Just leave him to do his job in a professional way.

Check your plumbing

Once you’re successful at finding the source, you can estimate the extent of the damage with the plumber’s help. Document whatever damage there is for insurance claim purposes later on. 

At this point, it’s important to know the general condition of your plumbing. Start to inspect your system for holes, cracks or leaks. Small cracks can be remedied with duct or electrical tape.

For tiny fractures that are visible, a pipe sealant can do the trick. Further, if the burst pipes are made of lead, it’s time to replace them with either PVC or copper because aside from having superior quality, these materials don’t pose a hazard to your health.

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