4 Things You Should Know About Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance

Does your business need better protection?

The quality and durability of your commercial door are essential. After all, it is one of the most common entry points for break-ins and burglaries.

Like your windows and roof, commercial doors also need proper maintenance. In some cases, immediate repair is necessary. However, you might not have enough information about this subject.

The good news is our guide can help. Continue reading for some essential facts about commercial door repair and maintenance.

1. Commercial Door Maintenance Saves Time and Money

Hiring a professional to repair your doors can help save time and resources. A commercial door company has all the tools to address various damages.

Technicians undergo training to stay adept at the latest repair techniques and technologies. In turn, they can fix the doors faster.

Professional repairs and regular maintenance also save you from spending on injuries and possible lawsuits. If you’re leasing your building and a defective door injures your tenant, they may sue you if you did not repair the damage in the past.

2. Lubrication Is Essential in Maintenance

Regardless of the type of commercial doors, lubrication is a must. They have several moving parts like openers, rollers, springs, and hinges. After all, exposure to elements affects their functionality.

Invest in penetrating lubricants like WD-40 and apply some to the hinges and other moving components. Avoid over-lubricating to keep the product from reaching other surfaces. Remember to do this task every three months.

3. Pulleys, Cables, and Bolts Matter

Aside from lubricating the springs and rollers, checking the condition of the pulleys and cables is likewise essential. Commercial metal doors often have these components to generate high tension.

Inspect the cables’ strands for damages. Be careful since they can be dangerous when you choose to fix them with no professional help.

Check the bolts and tighten the loose ones. Due to the frequent vibration and motion, bolts may loosen up, causing the door tracks to misalign. Use a trusty wrench to finish the job.

4. It Keeps You Safe

Apart from securing your business, professional commercial door repair keeps you safe from injuries. Professionals know the nature of the door’s damage and how to address it.

They wear proper attire and follow safety measures. If you DIY the repairs, you might miss out on something crucial. Your tools may not be enough to resolve the problem.

Tips for Finding Commercial Door Repair Services

When searching for a commercial door company, look at its reputation and track record. Do they get positive reviews from their customers?

Ask about their expertise in repairs and installations. Find one specializing in commercial doors, such as lodidoor.com. Are they offering commercial roll-up door repair and other services?

Compare the cost of the services. Ask at least three companies and compare their prices.

Improve Your Business Safety Now

Top-notch commercial door repair and maintenance allows you to make your workplace safer. You can keep your doors from sustaining severe damages while avoiding expensive repairs.

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