4 Common Types of Heavy Equipment Parts

Several industries rely on heavy equipment parts, including auto manufacturing, metal fabrication, power plants, and aerospace companies.

Industrial managers are expected to replace worn-out parts quickly to ensure optimal safety in the workplace. Selecting quality parts and creating strong vendor relationships are critical for industrial management.

Are you a new manager?

Here are a few tips to remember when buying heavy equipment.

Construction Heavy Equipment Parts

Let’s start with the construction industry’s leading customer for heavy equipment parts.

Excavators are essential for uprooting, demolition jobs, dredging, and digging. Its primary parts consist of a cabinet, also known as a digger lid, and a large arm. A digging bucket is also attached to the end of the excavator’s arm.

You can replace the bucket, arm, and cabinet when needed. However, you may find that a complete excavator replacement is more economical down the line, depending on how old the machine is.

You may need to rent or replace a dragging excavator if you need to dig deeper areas in the ground. In this case, your bucket is attached to a cable suspended from the top of the boom. The boom is the same as an arm but positioned at a different angle.

Bulldozer Parts

Is an old structure still standing on your new property?

You’ll need a working bulldozer to start your demolition project!

You also need bulldozers to uproot old topsoil and create layers upon layers of soil. All bulldozers have durable, sharp metal plating on the front for uprooting.

Bulldozer parts are replaceable. However, if you only need a bulldozer for one or two projects, you can rent a used machine for less. Get more info here to learn more about cost savings.

Digging Trenches

All construction projects start with lifting and removing soil, demolishing old structures, and digging trenches. These elements create the base for the building stage. Like excavators and bulldozers, you also need trenchers for essential excavation.

Trenchers are essential for installing new plumbing for home builds, drainage, and cable systems. You can rent two types of trenchers, wheeled or train. Wheeled trenchers are noted for having wheels with digging teeth, while chain trenchers have digging chains wrapped around their excavation arm.

A wheeled trencher is better for difficult soils, like clay-based soil.

Tractor Parts

You can’t manage a piece of land without a reliable tractor!

Tractors are used primarily for agricultural work, like farming.

They can do the following:

  • Digging up topsoil for soil tilling
  • Land plowing
  • Planting and harvesting
  • Fertilizing

You can also use tractors to haul heavy equipment around your land. However, you would need a more significant loader machine for construction projects. Loaders are designed to withstand heavy soil, building materials, cement, and construction waste.

On the flip side, compactors are used to pack down soil after the excavation and loading process.

Buy Heavy Equipment You Can Trust

High-quality heavy equipment parts are mandatory for all construction and agricultural projects. Keep this guide handy as you explore your options.

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