3D visualization and aspects in design

Visualization is the rational placement of standard interior elements, according to the layout and measurements of the room provided by you.

The task of the visualizer is not to develop a ready-made design project for the room, but to show how the tiles will look in your environment and, among other things, calculate the amount of material needed according to the declared dimensions. 3d furniture visualization  is also very important when furnishing an apartment, office, or home. And it is an integral part of the construction, repair and planning of premises

When 3D visualization is required.

3d visualization and 3d modeling of products is a standard procedure for all modern companies. All of our products and designs go through a visualization process. Of course, these are additional costs, but they more than pay for themselves. Experimenting on a computer is much easier and cheaper than correcting mistakes in production. You can immediately see and make the necessary adjustments. We make simple visualizations at the stage of preparing a commercial offer. More complex three-dimensional visualization (photorealistic, with reference to an object) requires much more designer work.

3D visualization of the product is necessary for the following purposes:

  • Show and agree with the customer all technical and design aspects
  • Clear 3D design facilitates manufacturing in production
  • With detailed computer design, the product turns out to be more perfect: all flaws and shortcomings are eliminated. To do this, the designer must have the appropriate qualifications and experience.

3D modeling before manufacturing the product

Visualization of the interior, exterior, architectural visualization is carried out simultaneously with the design of the product. This allows you to more fully show the interaction of all elements, color, texture, harmony and style. To build a three-dimensional visualization, you need to get a technical task in the form of sketches, drawings, photos, drawings. For a more correct image, the designer should work on the project. The designer shows all constructive moments, assortment of materials, attachment points. In case of a complex project, we recommend that customers pre-order a visualization of the product: stairs, terraces, summer terrace, entrance group, small architectural forms, canopies. This will allow you to present the future product with photo realistic accuracy. 3d visualization and 3d modeling are part of our product and industrial design services.

  • Advantages of 3D visualization
  • Saving budget and time
  • The result is known even before the start of work
  • Working professionally with small spaces
  • Rationally zoning rooms

Choosing the best options for your space

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