3 Ways to Increase Your Savings

Saving money is a universal struggle. Struggling doesn’t mean that you’re failing, it means that you’re trying. You’re trying to save, and you’re seeking out new tools and ideas for your repertoire. Seeking new techniques and wisdom causes you to expand in the numerous ways you can increase your savings.

By gaining new perspectives, such as the three ways to increase your savings, you potentially save more than money alone. You want as much as you can receive to benefit from avoiding heartaches, headaches, and tummy aches. Learning new ways to save money also prevents you from wasting time or being frustrated. If you’re already an expert in finances, you can still benefit from the three ways to increase your savings.

The Power of One

You can’t go on to another step before first accomplishing step one. Any order that is not in order will be out of order. You can’t make money without first working. This is an example of the classic argument of which came first, the chicken or the egg? If your mind stays frustrated by trying to determine which came first, you won’t get anywhere. But you must understand that whoever or whatever placed whichever was first accomplished that feat by following the proper order.

One is the first number in the order of numbers. In his blog post, James Clear– Author of the Atomic Habit– claims in his blog post that intentions only work when you focus on one thing. Despite all of the knowledge or the plethora of ways you’ve learned to increase your savings, trying them all at once will produce failure.

Applying the 3 Ways to Increase Your Savings

Start with one concept at a time. When you master the concept, you’ll have formed a new habit, which James Clear says takes a minimum of 60 days to become automatic. When you no longer have to be intentional with the new habit, your brain can focus on another healthy savings habit or move on to step two.

Sell One Thing

If you’re comfortable selling stuff you own to add the profits to your savings, then start with one at a time. Selling everything you’re willing to part with is like quitting smoking or giving up sweets cold turkey; it could work, but more times than not people relapse because the change is too dramatic.

Sacrifice One Thing

Making a sacrifice something is another popular way to save money. Sacrificing your cravings can help you increase your savings; however, multiple sacrifices at once will revert your intentions. If regression happens, the knowledge you applied will be blamed instead of the wild commitment you thought would bring you success. Don’t be greedy; be patient.

Kill One Thing

Stopping unhealthy spending habits is another effective way to increase your savings. Without focusing on one problem at a time, they will overwhelm and overtake you. As it is understood that you can’t only exercise to be healthy, you can’t only practice ways to increase your income or savings without stopping the spending. Much like USANA Athletes understand, there’s no winning with only offense or only defense, both are equally required.

Accept a New Lifestyle

Testing power is a form of rebellion. Submit to the power, order, and authority known as wisdom and embrace the truth by making it a lifestyle. If you test a diet out and lose no weight in three days, that doesn’t mean the principles or guidelines didn’t work; it means you didn’t believe or you didn’t trust in the proven truth Sbxhrl.

By harnessing the power of one and valuing the research conducted to uncover this amazing principle, you can equip yourself with life’s proper order. Take the principle you’ve learned and apply it to other areas of your life to increase more than just your money or savings, but also your skills, talents, and occupations.

For more about the power of one check out Gary Keller’s bestselling book, The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results.

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