3 Tips to Maintain a Home Swimming Pool

Summer is only a few months away from hitting Australia. It is the season for holidays, ice cream and of course, pool parties. The cool waters of the swimming pool serve as a refuge from the intense summer heat to millions of citizens across the country. Home swimming pools are jam-packed during this time of the year, leading to rising levels of frustration amongst homeowners concerning maintenance and upkeep.

However, simple techniques can reduce maintenance costs and ensure that the process is hassle-free. Furthermore, new and improved technology has made it easy and convenient to maintain a home swimming pool. Quality pool servicing facilities are now available throughout Australia.

Why is cleaning important?

Pool maintenance is critical for health, hygiene, and safety reasons. Contaminated/ stagnant water may lead to the spread of diseases while broken pipelines to flooding. An unclean pool degrades the appearance of a home and makes it uninviting. A homeowner may feel upset if the condition of their swimming pool is constantly deteriorating. But a large percentage of the population choose not to do anything about it due to the excessive effort needed. If one follows the appropriate steps from the onset, it becomes easier to have a healthy swimming pool that lasts for a long time.

Installing the proper equipment

The perfect time to resolve maintenance issues of a swimming pool is during construction itself. Proper planning is necessary as the layout, materials for building the pool, and its structural design all play a role in making it convenient to maintain. Some people make the costly (literally) mistake of cutting corners during construction.

If a swimming pool uses durable materials, it is less likely to suffer any future blow-outs. This is why fiberglass pools have risen in popularity of late. Fiberglass is more durable than concrete and is resistant to leaking and cracking. Another significant modification to the basic pool model would be applying a gel-coat finish.

Not only does this protect one from the harmful UV rays of the Aussie sun, but it also prevents damage and corrosion to the pool. Hence, the pool’s safety is enhanced while future costs of repair and repainting are eliminated.

Servicing and Maintenance

Pool servicing is an inherent part of owning a home swimming pool. But what kind of services are necessary? How does one know which aspects of pool maintenance are important?

The essential services and pool treatments include –

  • Correcting the water chemical balance: The right balance of water pH and chlorine levels are crucial in killing off harmful bacteria, germs and other microorganisms that enter the pool. Grease and dirt are also eliminated via this process. One can check the chemical balance by using test strips.
  • Cleaning the bottom of the pool: One must ensure that the pool’s bottom and sides are regularly cleaned. Dirt and algae tend to accumulate in cracks and crevices. Once the water drains out, one must scrub off these contaminants and vacuum the pool’s surface.
  • Maintaining the right temperature: The pool’s temperature is often overlooked, but one may make substantial savings by merely turning it down by a few degrees.

Using a Pool Cover

Pool covers are extremely underrated products. They protect the pool from the elements during the off-season and keep out debris. Pool covers prevent leaves, twigs and other things from falling into the pool. This reduces the load on the pool filter and prevents damage to it.

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