3 Side Hustles That Are Good Options For Introverts

An introvert is someone who is not necessarily the most comfortable in social situations. It’s the opposite of an extrovert, who regularly seeks out companionship. 

Because these two personality types are dissimilar, it makes sense that different occupations would attract them. However, these days, side hustles are pretty common as well. If you’re introverted, you will probably want to look into different options than an extrovert would.

Here, we’ll talk about three side hustles that might appeal to introverts. If you’re in this category, you may want to look into these gigs for some extra money.

1. Freelance Editor or Writer

If you have debt, getting a side hustle might be a good way to pay it off. Consider taking on additional work a couple of days per week if you already have a full-time job; you’ll then have a second revenue stream that’s liable to come in handy. You can see how doing so will positively impact your balance by using a loan repayment calculator

With that in mind, you might consider doing some freelance writing or editing. There are platforms now like Upwork and Fiverr where you can easily advertise your services. If you have credentials that are likely to attract possible clients, this is a potentially lucrative option that you can take on at your convenience.

These side gigs work well for introverts because you never have to meet with a client face to face. You can interact with them entirely through a computer. The only time you might have to deal with them in a more personal capacity is if they want to set up a Zoom call when you initiate the contract.

2. Uber or Lyft Driver

Most major cities have Uber or Lyft now, and you might want to drive for either of these competing car services. You’ll need to pick up passengers, but you won’t have to interact with them very much if you don’t care to. Most passengers are perfectly content to sit in silence as you get them to their destinations.

You’ll need to have a reliable car that’s not too old, a valid driver’s license, and fit certain other criteria as well. You can check the Lyft or Uber websites for further details. This side gig works well for introverts since you don’t need to be in an office setting where you’re having frequent conversations and meetings.

3. Grocery or Food Delivery Driver

Maybe you like the idea of driving in your spare time and making money for it, but the prospect of having a passenger in the backseat doesn’t appeal to you much. You can avoid that by becoming a part-time food or grocery delivery driver.

One thing the pandemic has done is make food and grocery delivery a much more accepted practice. These industries already existed before Covid-19 first appeared, but now, their popularity has exploded.

You can work delivering food and groceries for a store like Walmart or Target, or rideshare services like Uber that also do food delivery now. There are additional companies like GrubHub and DoorDash that are also worth investigating. 

Consider These Potential Options

It’s possible to find a career path where you can thrive as an introvert, but you can also figure out a side hustle where you can function well if you have this personality type. You might deliver food or groceries a couple of days each week. Maybe you can drive for Lyft or Uber if you don’t mind having someone in the backseat.

If you have the applicable skill set, you might work as a freelance editor or writer. There are platforms like Upwork and Fiverr that cater to those with these abilities.

There are more side hustle options now than ever before, and being an introvert does not have to deter you from pursuing this path.

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