3 Different Types of Sales Jobs in 2021

When pursuing a sales career advancement, you may not know what kind of sales job you should apply for next. Seeking out agencies like Closify should fill your needs for this kind of position.

Alternatively, if you are seeking to expand your company’s sales, you need to find sales jobs that are different and look for people who can support your efforts.

If you’re hiring for a sales role or looking for one, this guide will help you identify the four best types of roles to advertise for. In addition to discussing their job duties, the skills and experience they need, and their salaries, we also review their contributions.

Inside Sales Person

Inside sales representatives sell products and services remotely rather than in person. Because inside sales reps use email, phone calls, video chats, and other methods to move leads toward a sale, they are also known as virtual sales and remote sales.

The schedules of inside salespeople are generally predictable. They should break down their weekly or monthly sales quotas into the number of calls they need to make per day rather than focusing on the number of calls they need to make each day.

Having inside sales representatives generate revenue requires only a reliable internet connection and an audio connection for making phone calls. Inside sales agents can sell from anywhere.

Outside Sales Person

Face-to-face selling is done by outside sales representatives. Sales representatives, also known as outside sales reps, meet their prospects at trade shows, industry events, restaurants, or through door-to-door sales.

Outside sales representatives have a less structured schedule than inside sales representatives. The vast majority of their time is spent outside of their office, even though it is their base. Scheduling is determined by prospects.

Outside sales representatives can be a great asset for companies seeking larger deals. However, longer sales cycles are usually associated with outside sales that rely on deeper relationships.

Accountant Executive

Account executives handle every aspect of the sales process, from generating leads to closing deals. The company provides after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction.

Account executives work closely with sales representatives, account managers, and customer service representatives in order to meet this goal. By establishing long-term relationships with their customers, AEs aim to maximize customer retention and repeat purchases, expand their customer base, and keep churn at a minimum. If a company wants to build loyalty with customers, it must hire account executives. In the long run, account executives can use their knowledge of all parts of the sales funnel to benefit their customers.

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