3 Best Small Business Franchise Ideas to Consider According to Paul Haarman

With 2020 just around the corner, small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs need to pay meticulous attention to where they invest their hard-earned money. The reason? The world is moving quite aggressively, both in terms of society and business opportunities, and failure to catch the pace can hurt you, mentally as well as financially. For instance, look at how Couchsurfing or Airbnb has disrupted the hotel industry in different world cities. Also, many industries are evolving at the same pace, making it difficult to decide the best industry to establish a business. To help you, we have compiled a list of few franchises that may earn you fortunes in 2021. Here are a few small business ideas that could turn you into a millionaire as per Paul Haarman


A small investment in food franchises can be an excellent decision for you. This is because, in 2019, almost a quarter of 1,023 companies that applied for franchises were food-based businesses. In 2020, the food franchise was expected to reign supreme. If you are thinking of starting a small business that can yield a fortune in 2020, food is your path to go down. Food industry is something that will never go out of trend, and if you play it right, you will see the results right away. All the protection on this industry is allow for all the users, said John O. from twiftnews.


With recent advancements in modern healthcare, all verticals of healthcare, including medical insurance, preventive care, and alternative treatments, are believed to grow rapidly in 2020. Also, experts believe that as the population of baby boomers is on the rise, new verticals within healthcare may show up and contribute to the well-being of the elderlies, keeping the caregiving industry aside. Paul Haarman suggests that if you are seeking the best small business franchise ideas, you might want to give healthcare a shot.


According to statistics, people with lower income and those living in rural areas seek less medical attention than those living in urban areas and with a stable cash flow. The reason for this is often considered a convenience. And today’s medical professionals are trying to bridge this gap by offering medical consultations via telecommunication. They are reaching patients through video calls, prescribing their medicines, and diagnosing them to effectively treat or manage their condition. What’s more, it doesn’t require any office space, enabling medical doctors to work remotely and save costs.

In a nutshell

Out of various best small business franchise ideas, food, healthcare, and telecommunication have been evolving rapidly, at a pace that no other industry seems to catch. If you want to invest in a business that promises to offer you fortunes in 2021, you may also want to consider professional help from franchise experts. 

Well, it is better to get the advice of the experts who can guide you through the better decision and execution of the ideas. If you want to make your small business a successful venture in the future, you must get in touch with an experienced business expert. 

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