25 LIkeable Instagram Post Ideas for Businesses

Are you trying to promote your business on social media? Instagram is a great way to start.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for businesses. This photo-sharing app is very business-friendly with an option for users to create their own business account.

With a business account, users can view the insights and engagements of their posts and promote posts through paid advertisements.

While Instagram has all the tools a business needs, likable content is what ultimately makes a difference.

Keep reading to learn 25 Instagram post ideas for businesses.

1. Instagram Giveaways

One of the many Instagram post ideas are contests and giveaways. These are a great way to draw customers in. At the same time, they provide exposure to your brand’s products.

There are many different ways you can do contests or giveaways. One common way is to post a photo of the prize for your customer, which is usually a bundle of products from your business. Then, in the caption of the photo, you can allow customers to tag three friends in the comments section of the post.

Then, you can announce the date the winner will be randomly selected.

Instagram giveaways are exciting and engaging for customers and the tagging friends method will draw in even more customers to your brand.


Who doesn’t love an inspiring quote? Let’s be honest, our camera rolls are filled with screenshots of meaningful quotes we find on social media.

Posting a motivational quote with an inspiring caption that invokes conversation is a great business tactic. You can choose to either create your own quote and template or use a quote from someone else.

However, if you choose to use a quote from someone else, be sure to cite the creator of the quote.

Quotes are an awesome way to get users double-tapping that screen, which is great for the algorithm of your business. The website Stormlikes offers different pricing options to increase your likes on Instagram. They also provide ideas for other unique double tap pics for Instagram.

3. Seasonal Posts

Seasonal posts are great for getting customers into the holiday spirit. Seasonal posts usually include posts for the change of season and upcoming holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.

However, seasonal posts can also be for smaller “holidays ” as well.

Think about it, how many times do you see a post for something like National Taco Day or National Best Friend Day? These are great opportunities for businesses to take advantage of.

Always remember to hashtag any seasonal or holiday-related post, as the hashtag will usually be tending around that time

4. Memes

Who doesn’t love a great meme? Memes make great Instagram content for businesses because they are entertaining and often shared amongst other users.

Some businesses will even make their own memes that relate to their business or products.

You can also find GIFS to post on Instagram through the app and website GIPHY.

5. Q&As

Customers love Q&As. Many people will engage with Q&A posts to learn more about the business and see if their questions are answered.

Q&As can be done on a regular Instagram post, but it’s even more effective to use the Q&A option on your Instagram story.

You can even choose to highlight these Q&A stories and make a highlight for them on your Instagram profile. This will allow customers to refer to them at any time.

6. Daily Routine

Another likable Instagram post idea is to give customers insight into your daily routine. This is because customers love seeing how a business owner balances their work life and personal life.

This could mean sharing a photo of your workspace, a cup of coffee, or your favorite morning breakfast.

Then, you could provide a caption to let customers know how you got your day started.

7. Discounts and Promotions

Always be sure to post about any discounts or promotions for your products. Customers are much more likely to engage with your business if they see advertised discounts and promotions.

Share these discounts and promotions on your story as well to make sure they reach a wide range of people.

8. Customer Testimonials/Reviews

Sharing customer testimonials and reviews is an effective strategy to promote your business. Showcasing the best reviews and statements from other customers will convince new people to support your business.

It’s also recommended to post testimonials on your feed and your story. Testimonials also make awesome story highlights for your profile, so new customers viewing your profile can view them at any time.

9. DIYs

Over the past few years, DIYs have become increasingly popular. Show your customers a DIY for a product of your business. This can be done with photos and a caption, but an easier option is through video.

A time-lapsed video is a visually captivating way to share a DIY and is much easier to follow than reading a lengthy caption.

10. Links to a Blog Post

As a business, one of your main goals is to get customers to your blog or website. An effective way this can be done is to post a photo with a descriptive caption and then encourage your customers to read more by clicking on the link in your bio.

If you have 10,000 followers or more, you can make use of Instagram’s “Swipe Up” option. This can be found on Instagram stories and allows you to link an existing blog post or website. All customers need to do is swipe up and they will be taken to the link.

11. Motivational Post

Like inspiring quotes, customers also love reading positive and motivational content. When posting a photo on your feed, speak to your audience in a way that motivates and encourages them in the caption below.

You may even choose to share a personal story that will be moving to customers and give them tips or advice that they could apply to their own life.

12. Reels

Customers love video content. This is why it’s great for businesses to make use of Reels on Instagram.

Reels are between 15 to 30 seconds. Users can have the option to keep their Reel in the Reels tab of their profile or on their actual profile.

Unlike recording a normal video, Reels give users the ability to use audio of their choice and a timer and a countdown for recording. It also provides other cool effects and transitions to make your video creative and professional.

13. Instagram Polls

Instagram polls are another engaging story feature. You’d be surprised how often a person will stop mindlessly scrolling through their story feed when a fun poll pops up.

Your poll could pertain to your business products.

For example, let’s say you run a cafe and sell different types of seasonal coffee. You may ask users in a poll what seasonal drink should be brought back for the holidays.

After completing the poll, you can then choose to bring back the drink which received the highest amount of votes. This will increase customer satisfaction by showing customers you care about their preferences.

You can also just make polls that don’t have to do with your business or products such as “Chocolate or vanilla?” or “Spring or summer?”.

Believe it or not, customers love to pass the time with these quick, fun polls.

14. Throwback Posts

Throwback Thursdays or Flashback Fridays are good opportunities to repost photos that have received a lot of engagement in the past. Customers also enjoy seeing photos from the past and how your business has changed from the time that photo took place.

When posting any throwback photo, be sure to make use of the popular hashtags #tbt (Throwback Thursday) and #fbf (Flashback Friday).

15. Shouting Out Another Business

It’s important to always support other businesses. Especially if that business is in a similar niche to yours.

Posting a photo of another business on your feed or story and tagging the user’s name will help that business gain notoriety.

Many businesses will also be happy to return the favor and promote your business.

16. Special Events

If you are a business that runs any type of special event, never hesitate to post about it. Social media is one of the number one ways that users find out about special events going on.

If you host an event that requires tickets, be sure to tell customers where they can purchase them.

Another good idea is to post frequently about the event and even incorporate a countdown to make users extra excited.

Don’t forget to also post photos of the event itself. If you host a similar event in the future, this will convince customers who couldn’t make it to join the next time.

17. Creating a Live Story

Live stories are posted on your story in real-time. This is a perfect way to answer questions or concerns on the spot.

You can also use live stories to talk about any news pertaining to your business like promotions, discounts, or upcoming events.

A live story might seem intimidating, but it’s such a beneficial way to grow your audience and connect with your customers.

Don’t forget to inform customers in advance about when you’ll be going live to make sure enough people will be present.

18. Sharing Photos of Your Tweets

For those who own a Twitter account for their business, consider sharing some of your content to your Instagram feed or story. Customers will often stop to see what your tweet has to say and share it with other users.

Sharing your tweets will also convince customers to check out your Twitter profile, which will help with your follower growth.

19. Recipes

If your business is centered around food or nutrition, you can’t go wrong with posting a recipe. People are constantly searching for new recipes to try and Instagram is one of the first places people go to find one.

High-quality videos are the best for recipes because your customers can see exactly see how the recipe is made.

20. Celebrations

Always keep your audience updated about celebratory events. This could be you or an employee’s birthday, a business anniversary, or another type of milestone.

Content like this keeps customers updated with the progress of your business and showcases the achievements of you and other employees.

21. Personal Life

Just because you are a business does not mean you can’t share photos of your personal life. These posts help customers learn more about you, your family, and your hobbies and interests.

So next time you’re on vacation or eating at your favorite restaurant, share some photos for your followers to see.

22. Donations

Is there a cause that you’re really passionate about? Maybe it’s breast cancer awareness or putting an end to animal abuse.

As a business, it’s wonderful to raise money for a cause that’s meaningful to you. This shows customers the empathy and care of your business.

So, find causes that are valuable to you and promote them on your Instagram feed.

23. Sneak Peaks

Is there an upcoming product, event, or news about your business? An awesome way to keep customers on their toes is to give sneak peeks of what the product, event, or news might be.

You can do this by posting photos of hints on your feed or story. This will have your comments flooded with customers making guesses about what they think the product, event, or news will be.

24. Showcase Using Your Products

Customers don’t only want to see photos of your products. They want to see people actually using them as well, including yourself.

Post photos or videos of you, employees, or other customers making use of your products. If you’re using your own product, customers will know it’s worth buying.

25. Fun Facts

Fun facts are a great way to educate your audience about your business and products. The more customers learn about your business, the more likely they are to purchase the products you sell.

So, research some interesting facts about your business. Then, you can create a template post of your fun fact and post it to your feed or story.

Instagram Post Ideas for Businesses

So, those were 25 likable Instagram post ideas for businesses. If you’re a business whose at a loss of what to post, this guide will serve as a great tool for you.

Interested in reading other posts or similar topics? Then, be sure to check out our blog for more!

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