11 Awesome Corporate Thank You Gifts for Tech-Savvy Customers and Employees

A recent study highlights that people are more likely to become friends with others who express gratitude. When seen in this light, corporate thank you gifts can act as vital relationship-building tools for your business.

If you’re one of the thousands of business owners who agree with this sentiment, you know that choosing the wrong gift can have the opposite effect. 

It’s important to select items that the recipient finds useful and attractive. That way, you’ll get maximum exposure for your business and true appreciation from the recipient. 

Since people can’t get enough of technology nowadays, you know you’re safe if you choose one of these tech gadgets to say ‘thanks’ to your clients and staff members.

1. Headphones and Earbuds

In the age of virtual meetings, working from home, and online classes, earbuds, and headphones are essential for carrying out many tasks undisturbed.

They’re also great for listening to your favorite beats while you work and essential for canceling out background noise during online interactions. 

2. Digital Frames

These smart devices can display a huge number of digital photos one after the other. The built-in memory works with almost all smartphones, and you can switch it off if you don’t want any distractions.

Most people rarely get to admire their digital photos often enough or put them on display. A digital frame is one way to get around this, and it’s something that adds a little interest to anyone’s desk. 

3. Wireless Charging Pads

What could be better than a device that lets you charge your phone without bothersome, fragile wires? A wireless charging pad with your company’s name on it, that’s what.

When ordinary wired chargers let them down, the recipient of this gift can stay online and in touch no matter what. They’re available to suit most phones, and even work when the phone has a plastic cover on it. 

4. Power Bank for Mobile Phones

Power banks are among the most popular custom corporate gifts nowadays. They’re ideal for those instances when phones go flat at exactly the wrong moment and allow for effortless phone charging on the move. 

A power bank is one of those items you don’t know you need until you experience the convenience of owning one.  

5. USB Flash Drive

Yes, everyone’s on the cloud right now, but you never seem to have a USB flash drive when you need one, right?

These useful gadgets will never go out of fashion, they’re ideal for moving files around when there’s an internet outage and the perfect backup for images and documents, you can’t afford to lose if your PC crashes. 

The best part about USB flash drives is the price. They’re an affordable gift that most people appreciate. 

6. USB Hubs

Nowadays, the average person owns and operates a multitude of tech gadgets at a time, resulting in messy wires crisscrossing their desks and an inevitable shortage of sockets.

Charging hubs with multiple cables and ports end all the hassle of keeping everything up and running. They’re a gift your customers and employees will appreciate every day. 

7.  Computer Brush and Duster

This might not be the most high-tech gadget out there, but it’s a useful item that nobody has. This computer cleaning kit is fantastic for getting dust off laptop and PC keyboards without having to dangle them upside or type random words in the process.

The soft nylon bristles are perfect for sensitive tech items and the retractable design keeps it clean and ready for use. Let your logo be the first thing your customers see when they’re giving thanks for this useful little gadget. 

8. UV Sanitizing Wand

Clean doesn’t always equate to sanitary. Show your customers you care with a UV sanitizing wand to quickly and easily kill bacteria, allergens, and dreaded viruses.

The best brands of these incredible gadgets kill up to 99% of harmful substances that can cause allergies and illness. 

They’re compact, battery-operated, and are a must-have in modern times. 

9.  Webcam Covers

These are vital for protecting online privacy and a life-saver for those who feel self-conscious during online interactions. They come in a huge range of cute and classy designs to match your brand, and they’re one of the most affordable promotional gifts around.

Thanks to this gadget, your customers and employees never have to reach for the duct tape when the house is a mess and there’s a virtual meeting coming up. 

10. Car Power Adaptor

Car power adaptors allow users to charge their devices on the move by plugging them into their cars. The adaptor simply plugs into the vehicle’s power outlet and lights up when it’s ready for action.

It’s great for charging cell phones, tablets, iPods, digital cameras, and MP3 players in a pinch. 

11.  Audio Flask

An audio flask combines two gift ideas into one. This gadget has an 18 oz. flask to keep workers hydrated at their desks, plus it boasts a removable Bluetooth speaker for music as well as conference calls.

It’s compatible with most phones and has synchronized LED lights for extra impact. 

Making the Most of Corporate Thank You Gifts

One of the best ways to use corporate thank you gifts is to present them at times when the recipient least expects them. Almost every business hands out rewards at the end of the year, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to this occasion.

Presenting gifts in recognition of achievement is an impactful way to show your employees you notice their efforts. Thanking a customer for a large order, or a great review shows a high level of personalized service.

Would you like to discover some more ways to enhance your relationships and grow your business? Browse our blog for all the best tips. 

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