10 major December global holidays with 3 easy dessert recipes

December global holidays month is actually a Latin word Decem which means ten because originally according to the calendar of Romulus C. 750 BC it was the 10th month of the year which started from March. In 154 BCE the beginning of the civil year was changed from March to January 1 because a rebellion force the Roman Senate to do so.

 December symbolizes the end of the year and beginning of the cold winters, cold weather, snow and rain. The first day of the winters is usually at 21 or 22nd December; the shortest days with longest nights. So as we know in present time that December is the last month of the year and everybody anxiously wait for this month whole year.

They prepare several things and arrangement to have a good time with their families and friends and it is also important for mental health of a person to spend time with the loved ones and share time with each other to value them and make good memories. Surely nobody wants a depressed life and specially about holidays; everyone waits for these special times to make them special for themselves.

December is a joyful, cold, precious, full of global events, and a holidays and vacation month where lies many religious, co-operative, cultural, multicultural and some other events to celebrate including the happiness and urge to welcome the new year.

People do groceries, exchange gifts, do lightings, have off from workplaces and schools, have their family times, and the time with their friends. This month is a special time to express your love and values for your relatives, families, friends and other gatherings which helps to make your connection  even more strong.

There are many indoor and outdoor activities, many things that should be added on your To Do List, many should be canceled because they are not suitable to do at those occasions, many places to visit, many events to celebrate which you even don’t know that our International mountain day on December 11th , Violent day at December 13, horse day at December 13, Underdog day at December 20, Candy cane day at December 26. These are some events that are not major. The major event of December will be discussed in the article with full details. These all festivals are according to different countries, religion, and culture.

But do remember that not only December has celebrations and functions or festivals there are approximately 1500 events in the world and everyone should celebrate each unless it does not affect your religious beliefs.

1. Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia

The custom was established in 1900s and made its first recorded appearance at 1764. The 400 years old event saint Lucia also called as saint Lucy day started spreading at Norway in 1927 which means “light”.

It is celebrated For a martyred Woman because people believe she dedicated her life to God instead of marrying. She did so because first she was engaged to a man belonging to Roman authorities and she refused to compromise over her virginity before marriage and then they forced her into the prostitution but she refused that also. After that  they tried to physically move her they failed again then they tried to burn her but she survived that also at last she was died when she was given last rites.

People also believe that Luciana brought food to the Christians hiding in Roman catacombs while lightning her way with a candle on a candle wreath on her hand. It is celebrated as a symbol of light and hope on 13th of December at schools TV shows, churches, kindergartens, offices, homes, etc.

The way of celebration is that the elder girl of the family with her mom cooks sweets and awakens the family with a tray of hot chocolate, pastries, baked bread, coffee. The girl serves food considering herself Lucia also called us Turner.

At the evening all kids and adults wear white dresses and hold candles at their hands. Initially they used real candles but for security reasons now they use powered lighting candles and do parades while singing the Lucia song

It is mostly celebrated in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Italy, and Denmark.

One other believe about 13 December is that it has long nights and it is not good to wander outside the houses at night because the ghost, spirits, and demons are powerful and free to move in the world at that night and the connection between the both worlds is strong.

2. Boxing day

Boxing day

The event is celebrated on the second day of Christmas that is 26th December also known as offering day, shopping day and goodwill day.

 It was initially originated from the time of Britain empire from UK to give gifts to the people by packing them into the boxes. People used to fill the boxes with the money or some other stuff to help and aid the poor needy people at the churches from the time early Christians and late Roman.

In Britain the culture was that the tradesmen and businessmen used to give the Christmas boxes or cash to the servants working for them through years. It was usually given at the first working day after Christmas holidays because nobody works on that day.

 Another festive Saint Stevens day falls on the same day 26 December. It is a religious event on the remembrance of patron of horse; Saint Stephen that’s why specifically horse riding and fox hunting is done on this day.

now at present time it is mostly celebrated as a day of shopping day. People just rush out to the malls as the prices are reduced at a big level, too much sales are offered, the merchants and businessmen earn a lot of money and profit on that shopping day.

Apart from these activities a lot of sports are arranged on 26 December. In England, Netherlands, Scotland football matches are held while in Italy football match was held for the first time at 2018 and 2019.

In Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa cricket matches are played

Many areas had ice hockey contests on this Boxing Day. At  Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Tanzania boxing contests are held.

People celebrate the event very nicely. Rich people as well as poor people celebrate the event. Everyone has special time for themselves.

3. Christmas


 Christmas is a festive of Christians but now it has become an international event; celebrated all of the world on 25th of December. It usually falls in winter except some countries. The houses are lightened, the trees are decorated, family dinners are arranged, food is served, gifts are exchanged.

Some people hang outside and some stay at home and spend some precious time with each other. According to Christians believe it is a birthday of Jesus so they celebrate it on the remembrance of him.

The culture of giving presents to each other  was originally initiated from the times of ancient Romans. They used to exchange gifts on 1st January and steadily spread all of the Roman Empire. So the Christians move that custom to 25th December and started giving gifts to each other.

And the decoration of the tree is because of their belief that the every green plant decoration will protect them from ghost, evil spirit, and negative powers. it is also compared by the paradise tree hung with red apples; the tree of Adam and Eve. The practice of celebration has been started since 4th century, 400 years ago.

These times are important life because you get time for yourself and your families to strengthen your relations and connections otherwise the life would be pale, empty, dark and difficult to handle the pressure of people but some things just glow you up and strengthen you for your life challenges.

4. Kwanzaa


 Kwanzaa is a festival celebrated annually on Africa and America from December 26 to January 1st. The festival was created by Maulana Karenga at 1966 for the black community as an alternative to Christmas.

He wanted black people to have their own cultural event to celebrate rather than celebrating and practicing the culture of dominant society because According to him the Cultural Revolution gives identity, purpose and direction to people.

It is a celebration of a community, family and culture. People use to celebrate it  in Africa but slowly it started spreading to United States as well.

The name of festive Kwanzaa is driving from the Matunda Ya Kwanza; the Swahili phrase which means the “First fruits”

They also have celebratory symbols that are placed on Matt those are Kinara(candle holder), Mishumaa Saba(7 candles), Mazao(crops), Mahindi(corn), Kikombe Cha Umoja(united cup), Zawadi (gifts).

Apart from these they also have artwork, African books, red black and green flags all to show the African culture. The holiday greetings for the commands a is “Joyous kwanzaa”

The families wear special clothes that are kente and kaftans, houses are decorated, fresh fruits are served, drumming and musical activities are performed, discussion on African history, remembrance of principle of blackness.

Initially it was always celebrated separately but some American African families started celebrating it with Christians festivals  the Christmas and new year.

  • There are seven days of celebration and each day specifically dedicated to one of the principles.
  • Umoja( unity): It symbolizes the unity of nation community and family and represents the maintenance of this united
  • Kujichagulia(self-determination): To make our separate identity and stand and speak for ourselves
  • Ujima (collective work and responsibility): Be together and share our responsibilities and problems with each other and solve them together with our brothers and sisters
  • Ujamaa(corporative economics): To build our own business stores and shops and build status.
  • Nia(Purpose): To restore our nation and people with their traditional culture and greatness.
  • Kuumba( creativity): To make a community more attractive and beautiful then we inherited.
  • Imani( faith): To believe in our teachers leaders parents are people victory struggle with all of our hearts

5. Omisoka


It is the same event as New year’s eve in Japanese version. It is a traditional celebration which was used to celebrate at 12th lunar month but at 1873 it was moved to the Gregorian calendar and now it is celebrated on December 31st.

The last day of each month is known as misoka in Japanese and the last day of last month of the years known as  “Omisoka” or “The Great Thirtieth day” or “The last day of the month”.

People clean their houses from every where, repay their depts., and have bath to drive out the bad luck, evil spirit out of their lives and it is called Susuharai.

They spend time with their loved ones. Some people like to stay at home and celebrate on the other hand some hang out, some go to the parties, some watch for hour red/ white singing battle named Kōhaku Uta Gassen, or watch mixed martial arts practices.

About an hour before New year the final dinner is arranged with the families for the last time in the older year where they eat bowl of toshikoshi soba or toshikoshi udon that are noodles the meaning of toshikoshi is moving from one month to the other so it will give you long life helping you move from one year to the other.

They cook so much food on the last day of the year because they think it’s bad sign and bad luck to cook in first three days of the year. At midnight they ring the temple bell 108 times believing that there are 108 desires and suffering of humans so this ringing bell will solve and purify their souls each time it rings.

The day after Omisoka(New years eve); 1st January is called Shogatsu(the New year day) in Japanese at this day Toshigami-sama is welcomed at everyone’s house to visit.

They usually visit shrines and temples after having breakfast with families. They do shopping, eating, drinking and greetings with people. The greeting for the new year is “Akimashite Omedeto Gozaimasu” which means “Happy new year”

6. New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve

 It is an international and great celebration; Celebrated all over the world. People do not work at the eve at all they all do social gatherings, family gatherings, partying, watching fireworks, countdowns for the New year, eat, drink and dance together.

It is not any traditional, religious, or cultural event. It is an International Festival equal for all religions, countries, and nations. They all celebrate it equally. It is even celebrated on TV shows.

It has different names at different areas it is called Kanun Novogo Goda at Russia. Omisoka at Japan. Réveillon at Romania and all French speaking nations. At North America it is called Sylvester at Austria, Bosnia, Germany, Scotland, etc. 

At some countries there is official holiday for new year day and not in others. People do have different names but have same day, timing, feelings, happiness, and celebration for the festival.

Some religious people go to churches, temples or any of their religious places to pray to God and thanks for the blessing  and another year of their life.

7. World aids day

World aids day

Aids is actually an( Acquired ImmunoDeficiency Syndrome) caused by virus HIV (Human ImmunoDeficiency Virus). It weakens and destroy your immune system by killing the white blood cells of your body. It is transmitted through sexual act, blood contact, pregnancy, breast feeding through an infected person.

In 1981 the first case of aids was reported and after that somehow 25 million people died due to the disease. In 1988 almost 90,000 to 150,000 people were infected with HIV virus. Only within two decades 33 million people were infected with HIV virus. So that’s the reason why world aids day is observed at December’s 1st.

 They do it in the remembrance of the people who died through the disease, to motivate the people who are suffering at the present time, help them and collect donations for them, and to provide awareness to the rest of people about the disease so they could protect themselves from this life threatening disease.

The Worlds aids day was first originated at 1988 by World Health Organization WHO to spread the awareness about the disease. Many countries organized many organizations nationally, internationally  and locally to fulfill their duty by spreading the awareness.

The symbol for world aids day is red ribbon. People wear it as a demonstration of commitment to fight and not losing hope against aids so this day especially for the people suffering from aids. Many organization gather charity and donations for the treatment of the people who could not afford the treatment expenses and people do help them.

8. Festivus


 It is a non-commercial, secular event against the commercialism and high prices before the season of the Christmas. The Fetivus event was created by the celebrity author Dan O’Keefe’s father Daniel O’Keefe for the first time.

It is annually celebrated on 23rd December 2 days before the Christmas; 25th December. Many celebrations are practiced involving the Festivus day Festivus Pole, Festivus dinner, Airing of grievances, Feat of strength, and Festivus miracles.

9. Bodhi day

Bodhi day

Bodhi day is celebrated on December 8th by Buddhist in the remembrance of Siddhartha Gautama who did meditation for a long time and achieved enlightenment and answers to his questions.

That’s why it is called Bodhi day because Bodhi means enlightenment or awakening.

According to Buddhist siddhartha was once an Indian Prince he left that luxury life and started living a simple life and meditating beneath the Bodhi tree. It took him 49 days of meditation to achieve enlightenment and become awakened one for 2500 years. People do not celebrate it like other festivals and events because no fireworks, no parades. They just have tea with cookies or decoration of Bodhi tree because it is a day of meditation so it should have some how the touch and taste of meditation.

10. Worldwide food service safety month

Worldwide food service safety month
Worldwide food service safety month

The month December is also known as worldwide food service safety month. This event has been started from December 1994 in order to preserve and save food from wasting and littering the world.

There are more than 200 diseases spread throughout the world only because of food. Every year 420,000 people are killed by the food related diseases. The food can give you a healthy life if a balanced diet is maintained but it can even destroy your health if it is contaminated and not suitable for your health. It can cause long term health issues and sometimes even become the cause of your death. So it is very important to eat well prepared food specially for older people and kids.

At this month People inform the audience that how they can save their health by some preventions like wash hands before and after eating food, if you have any cuts on your hand cover them properly before touching food, wash your fruits and vegetables before eating them  regularly wash dishcloths and towels, don’t undercook meat.

Further they even guide us what to eat, what not to eat, how to eat food, and how to save extra food from wasting it. The whole December month is specifically chosen every year to teach people about the food.

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5 best things about December

 There are some special things about December which are always fun to experience. Here are some best things that are specifically related to December and you should enjoy it fully without wasting these options.

1. Cold weather

 It brings cold weather with itself. Some places also have snowfalls and that’s quite exciting that the nature always attracts the human psychic towards itself and it has a peace and joy in itself that doesn’t let us ignore it. The snowfall is one of the nature magic which is very fun to experience. You can feel the joy of snowfall from the window of your house. You can even do snow ball fighting.

But at some areas snowfall do not happen. They just have cold weather which forces them to sit in front of fire and wear sweaters. The cold breeze outside of the window and fire flitching and flickering in front of you will make you your mood amazing and it’s perfect environment to read a book or sit in family gatherings.

2. The best food

 Well that also sounds great. December has so many events and festivals to celebrate. So obviously you are going to have a lot of foods specially sweet such as chocolates, brownies, pastries, candies, dessert, etc. And more tasty food.

Another fact that you are not going to eat alone you’re going to have family and friends to eat with you and make your moment special because it is  holiday time which means everybody is free and ready to spend time with their loved ones.

3. Holidays with family

 This month is a break from a busy life you have been spending all year. All of these holidays will allow you to relax yourself and recharge your mind due to family times for the next year. The family vibes will surely put a great positive effect on your brain and body.

Kids will specially enjoy the time because they do not have schools and adults are happy because all the working places are closed. Happiness is just like its mixed in the air!

4. Decorations

 Another fun loving practice is that there are several decoration practices performed. The houses are decorated, the Christmas trees are decorated  the shops and stores are decorated, Christmas malls are decorated, streets are decorated, foods are decorated, interiors are decorated.

 All the procedure of decoration is so fun. People go to the mall with friends and families and buy the stuff for the decoration and then decorate everything with each other making their holiday memorable with more beauty and values.

5. Lot of events

The month December has a lot of events for people to celebrate and enjoy all of them are already discussed in the article those are boxing day, Christmas,  Bodhi day, Saint  Lucia, Omisoka, New years Eve,  Saint Stephens day,  world aids day,  Fetivus,  Cookies day,  International mountain day, Violent day, Underdog day, Horse day,  Candy cane day and much more.

So people can easily make their time more specially as they donnot have much to do about their jobs because the working places are closed. This is one of the major reason that makes December awesome for kids,  adults and old ones. Every one loves holidays and everyone love to celebrate events.


People exchange gifts. They buy stuff for each other and they don’t know what other person has for them in a gift so that urge to know what is in it? is amazing specially kids get so much excited and happy by the gifts. Exchanging gifts is a way to show the importance of the person for you in your life. These activities increase  love between people.


Holidays, events, and celebrations are discussed but not about braking topic that’s not possible. It has a direct connection with mostly all functions in the world. It increases the fun more. People make different stuff at home , even watch recipes and then serve it to the guests and family. There are different recipes to cook these days so let’s learn about some special and easy recipes for December holidays!

 3 easy dessert recipes no need to bake for December holidays

Preparing food for such gatherings is an important activity. People make new and unique dishes for the special events but not everyone is capable to make everything perfectly and many times they don’t know want to make for the guests so here we are going to help you out and provide you three easy and quick dessert recipes . You don’t even need to Bake them.

Chocolate dessert

Chocolate sauce:

  • First of all add two cups of milk in a pan.
  •  then add ¾ cup sugar and then two tablespoon floor and  1 ½ cup coco powder.
  •  Now mix it well, No lumps should be remained.
  •  Cook it three to four minutes on low flame until it gets thick.
  • keeps stirring while cooking the chocolate sauce. when done add vanilla essence an butter 2 tablespoon then set it to cool down.

Main recipe:

  • Take 18 to 20 digestive biscuits and one and a half cup milk and a dish.
  • Dip  those biscuits into milk and put it in a dish and make a full layer of dipped biscuits in the dish.
  • Then add a layer of chocolate source you made then again add a layer of biscuits and repeat the process three times.
  •  Now take some more biscuits and crush them and sprinkle on the dish for the topping. You can even crush chocolate and add it in the topping
  • Then refrigerate it. And you are done!
  • Oreo dessert
  • Take 12 Oreo biscuit and 150ML whipping cream.
  • Remove the cream from Oreo biscuit and add into the whipping cream.
  • Then crush Oreo biscuits into powder and then set aside for later use.
  •  And whip the whipping cream for 1 to 2 two minutes and but do add sugar if it is not already added in the cream.
  •  Then add 50 grams chocolate in half of the cream to make chocolate mixture. And the remaining half cream will be saved for the topping.
  • Take dessert glass and add chocolate mixture at the base of the glass then add the layer of Oreo biscuit you crushed.
  • Then add cream into piping bag and add a layer of a cream into the desert class.
  •  Now again add a pinch of Oreo biscuit crush and a half Oreo biscuit.
  • Its ready!
  • Bite sized chocolates 
  • Take some roasted peanuts and some crackers.
  • Then crush them all together and move into a bowl.
  • Melt some chocolate and add into the crust mixture Then mix it until it becomes dough.
  • Then make some small bite sized balls through that dough.
  • And later cover them fully with melted chocolate.
  •  and then freeze it.
  •  Now They are ready to eat!

To-Do List in December

 Now I’m going to recommend you a bucket list to do for December holidays if you do all of these things accordingly nobody can stop you from having amazing and wonderful time with your family and friends in these holidays so try not to miss any one of them

1. Build a snowman

Build a snowman

Snowman building is very important because you are not going to get a chance again before the December in next year as winters will be gone and summer doesn’t have snowfall. Further more the holidays will also not be there and you yourself will not have time to have such fun activities.

If you have kids then making snowman is one of the best idea to spend time with your kids. They would love to have such time with you. You can even have snow fights with snowballs. This game is usually played during snowfall people just get into it and crazily hit each other with snowballs.

2. Celebrate national cookie day

Celebrate national cookie day

Who doesn’t love cookies!? Everybody’s mouth become water even after listing the name of a cookie so do celebrate it on 4th December with your family and friends. Make cookies or buy them, eat them with your gatherings and distributed in your neighborhood to make everything more sweetened in your life.

3. Visit Christmas markets

Visit Christmas markets

That’s another thing to do. There are a lot of amazing Christmas markets which are very cool and fun to visit. You are surely going to enjoy it so go visit Christmas markets and have some fun time while enjoying and hanging outside. You’re going to love it because people always go and enjoy over there.

4. Winter camping

Winter camping

Summer camping is good but winter camping is amazing and next level. Imagine yourself inside a tent and a snowfall outside, cool breezes and fire set outside your camp isn’t it’s amazing!! You can do it with your family as well as friends but it would be more fun with friends.

Well everybody has own choices so do what you feel better for yourself. You may find frozen lakes where you do you can do ice skating. More you can do hunting, music, bonfire, gathering fun, and much more.

5. Donate your old sweaters, warm clothes and toys

Donate your old sweaters, warm clothes and toys

Just give away extra warm clothes to needy people. It will clean your closet as well as help the poor people. They should also have something to celebrate the vacations. What if your extra warm clothes will help them in any way? if you are a  kid or have kids you can also donate extra toys to poor people who need that for the Christmas. They may surprise their kids with it that’s always satisfying and relief when you do something that benefits someone else somehow it is even beneficial for yourself.

6. Set your goals

Set your goals

As December is the last month of a year so in no time the next year will arrive that’s why do reflect and think what you achieved and what you have done in last year and what you didn’t achieve.

And then set your goals that what will you do to proceed further and touch your dreams in next year. These planned outlook will help you to focus on your goals and prevent your intention to divert and distract from your main track.

7. Welcome new year

Welcome new year

Do preparation for the new year. You can just leave all your work and sit with your family and wait for the new year to start and do countdowns until the new year comes with a lot of fireworks, screams of joy and happiness and greetings or you can do other stuff like hanging out doing parties or whatever you want to make your evening special.

8. Quality time with the family

Quality time with the family

As you are on holidays so the relation who deserves your time most are your parents ,siblings, grand parents, kids and your spouse. These relations are very important. The remaining comes after these so spend your quality time with them and try to make your connections more strong in these times specially your parents and grandparents wait  anxiously for you to share your time, attention and love with them so don’t forget to make them happy.

9. Have a walk in snow or lightning of neighborhood

Have a walk in snow or lightning of neighborhood

This sort of activity is usually more romantic and you can do it with your spouse and refresh your connection, go for long evening walks, do some personal talks; that’s something you must do if you’re not single. Do admire the decorations done by people , do greetings to everyone with a huge smile and sparkle in your face.

10. Read books

Read books

Many people just love reading books they are fans of book reading. So these holidays are the best time to do so. You can read books while sitting inside of a blanket in front of fire with a cup of hot coffee or tea. Winters are just amazing with such relaxing environments!

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To wrap up the discussion I would simply recommend you to enjoy every moment of your life. There are approximately 1500 events throughout the world so you donnot lack the reasons to enjoy  your life. Celebrate each festival until it doesn’t effects your religious belief. You get your life only once do enjoy it with full of your heart without thinking about what people would think but do value your close relations, family and even yourself. People wait whole year for December holidays . This month is more special because it is full of events. You donnot have to search for something to enjoy you already have too much to experience.

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