10 Hacks That Will Extend the Life of Your Aging Refrigerator

It is frustrating for most users to know that the appliance they have bought with several thousand rupees has encountered a breakdown. Without a doubt, finding spoiled edibles and dripping water is a tough situation for any homeowner. When such events occur, users look for appliance specialists to get it repaired. After spending a lot of money on expensive procedures, most owners resume their usual life until such a painful event hits back after a few months. 

Several factors are involved in determining an appliance’s life. However, regular maintenance can safeguard an appliance’s longevity, letting users avoid expensive servicing and result in lower electricity bills. Increasing both efficiency and life of a refrigerator is not only easy and inexpensive to do, but also can be done in several ways. Here are ten ways a homeowner can improve the lives of their refrigerator or the freezer. Appliance Experts has you covered for residential refrigeration repair in Orlando.

  1. Keep Your Refrigerator Clean

The first and foremost step towards a healthy life is to keep the surroundings sanitized and clean. This is followed by eating a clean, balanced, and healthy diet to keep your insides healthy. But to keep up with healthy habits, one of the essential appliances all homeowners must keep clean is their refrigerator. 

A refrigerator, irrespective of whether it is an LG fridge or some other brand’s model that is used regularly to store daily supplies like fresh groceries, all types of sauces and cooked food must be deep cleaned every two months. Not only should it be done to keep your food fresh but also to keep food-borne illnesses away. Studies show that food-borne illnesses are mostly a result of using unclean refrigerators. When one does not clean their refrigerator, it soon becomes the breeding ground for dangerous bacteria like E. coli, listeria, and salmonella.

  1. Watch the vents

Speaking of having efficient flowing air uniformly through the refrigerator, there are vents within the refrigerator that must be kept clear. So, users must make note of vents inside the unit and move any items around to provide adequate space.

  1. Keep the seals clean

A well-sealed fridge is going to keep the cold air inside and drive away the hot air. You can keep the seals clean with soap and water. To check if the seals need to be replaced, keep a piece of paper between a closed fridge door, and if it falls, you will need to replace that.

4. Organize the refrigerator

Sometimes the most overlooked factor is the organization of things. Appliances experts recommend keeping items in the refrigerator organized. This is applicable across all door types. So, let’s say you have an LG fridge single door, if you try this tip, you can find the things you are looking for within a few seconds. So, you will be able to open and shut the refrigerator door faster. This will also ensure that less cold air goes out, helping maintain consistent airflow in the LG fridge single door.

  1. Clean the coils on the bottom of the fridge

Cleaning the coil might not seem very important to many users. But, when the dust accumulates over time, most users are caught by surprise. All users must remember to clean the coil lying on the bottom of the refrigerators as it helps the air to circulate in and out of the refrigerator. It also keeps the compressor from burning out. Some appliances experts opine that this alone can extend the lifespan of a refrigerator by 10 to 15 or even 20 years. 

  1. Protect fridges from high-heat sources

To keep food items chilled at the right temperature, the compressor generates high heat. This makes the refrigerator function harder and is also a waste of energy. This may shorten the lifespan of the same appliance.

When designing your kitchen, keep the refrigerator away from the oven, dishwasher, or any other electrical appliances that may emit high heat levels. It is also a good idea to keep it away from a place that received plenty of direct sunlight. This will prevent it from functioning in overdrive.

  1. Reduce frost accumulation

Depending on the refrigerator model, you may have to try out manual defrosting. Buildup can form on coils inside the refrigerator, forcing the appliance to function over time. If you do not defrost the refrigerator as well as the freezer, it may be difficult for the refrigerator to maintain an optimum, cool temperature. The frost buildup can cause wastage of energy, and you may end up spending a lot on your monthly power bills. If you live in a hot or humid climate, it is essential to defrost your partially automatic or manual refrigerator.

  1. Make use of in-door water and ice

Try using the in-door feature to reduce how frequently doors are opened or closed. A simple step can improve the efficiency and lifespan of your appliance, saving money as well.


9. Turn on the Power-Saver Switch

Unless you have significant condensation on the unit, users can activate the power-saver or energy-saver switch that comes with an LG fridge and other brands to disable the feature.

10. Cool off Leftovers

Users can reduce heat being added to the appliance interior by allowing leftovers to cool after a meal. Make sure the food is not cooling too long as it may spoil.

By following these steps, you can increase the efficiency and lifespan of your refrigerator, be it an LG fridge or any other brand. You will also observe reduced energy consumption and a reduction in the monthly electricity bill. If it is time to retire your older model, be sure to look for an Energy Star-rated appliance for your next purchase. You can also consider recycling the old refrigerator to optimize your contributions to the environment.

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